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Carrot Easter Deco Mesh Wreath


For this project, We need:

26 gauge Floral wires – I got mine at Michaels in the dried flower area, but you can see an example here

1 roll of Orange Deco Mesh, 10-12″ in width

1 roll of Evergreen Tulle, 10 – 12″ in width

Pipe cleaners in orange and dark green or black

Small amount of orange grosgrain ribbon (for filling in blank spots)

Coordinating green ribbon

Spray starch, to stiffen the tulle


Step 1: Create the frame work. I started off by just creating the outline of a carrot like so, and then quickly realized that there was no way one layer of wire would be strong enough to hold the shape of the wreath. I also had originally planned to use horizontal sections as seen below to attach my deco-mesh, but quickly realized that wasn’t going to work either – there would be too many gaps. So. We moved on to step 2.




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