Twist around tutorial


This is a very, very rough version of how I do this style. If you would like to see a polished,
finished version of this style. Yes, that means that I perfected this
after I took the video. My recording time is limited since we use an SLR … I just assume
that you guys want to see, generally, how to achieve these looks. So here you go. This is,
generally, how I do this style. Enjoy!

I mention something about Shanty wanting to come into the room. If you
listen closely, you can hear her whining. I wasn’t making that up.

And if your hair isn’t long enough to wrap the whole way across the head, you can always
just do the twists on the sides. It looks really pretty with a messy bun, or even a ponytail in
back! Just pin the base of the twists into place before tying the ends off into another style.


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