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Mini Egg Cake! – Jane’s Patisserie

Mini Egg Cake! - Jane's Patisserie -   17 drip cake Yellow ideas

Vanilla Cakes layered with Vanilla Frosting, a Dark Chocolate Ganache Drip, & packed full of Mini Eggs – The perfect  Easter Showstopper! I posted a photo of a ‘drip cake’ a few weeks ago on my Facebook page, and you lot are OBSESSED with it (Thank you!). This led me to wanting to treat you to a delicious recipe that is not only a ‘drip cake’ but is a mixture of two of my favourite flavours, Vanilla & Chocolate, as well as being full to the brim of MINI EGGS. Yes, I realise you got th… This lemon meringue drip cake is filled with lemon curd, decorated with a yellow drip, and topped with a gorgeous mound toasted meringue!

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17 drip cake Yellow ideas