17 hair Trends balayage ideas

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These Winter Hair Trends are Coming in Hot for 2019

These Winter Hair Trends are Coming in Hot for 2019 -   17 hair Trends balayage ideas

Multi-Dimensional Color | These cold and dreary months might fool you into keeping your hair monotone. Fight the urge! Master this look with both highlights and lowlights, no matter if blonde or brunette. #winter #hair #trends #2019 #southernliving #balayagehairblonde When pumpkin pie’s baking and leaves start changing, it’s time to change up your hair color to match the season. Say goodbye to the bright blonde strands of summer and hello to slightly darker, more natural blonde hues.Given the colors changing outside, there are two different strategies when it comes to coloring your hair in the fall. One approach is to correspond with the season and go darker than usual. Trends like mushroom blonde hair (yes, inspired by fungus) and shadow roots create darker, caramel and amber-hued lowlights that we absolutely adore in the fall, while still maintaining your signature blonde look. Although we love the dark blonde trend–it’s certainly manageable in terms of upkeep–we also understand those who want to keep their color bright and sun-kissed to recall those warm summer days. When it starts to get cold outside, honey-blonde hues or gold-tinted highlights can help you feel a bit lighter (literally and metaphorically). They key to rocking this brighter look is keeping it natural. We’ve rounded up 30 of the best fall hair colors for blondes so you can show your stylist exactly what you mean when you say you want “Pumpkin Spice Blonde.” Whether you want to go darker or keep it light, here are thirty blonde hues to rock this fall.

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17 hair Trends balayage ideas