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Turkey? What Turkey?

Turkey Disguise Template This is my all-time favorite part of the year: The Holidays! Last year, we had Thanksgiving with my in-laws. Each family was assigned to bring some kind of turkey to display. We decided to “hide” our turkeys to save them from the feast! Check out these creative turkeys on display: A dessert stand———————————-A veggie tray A pinecone turkey with thankful feathers———a gratitude turkey A pom-pom turkey with fabric feathers————a wide-eyed button turkey Dessert turkeys—————————————— A Beaded turkey We had SO much fun making ours! I made a pirate with feathers disguised as sails. The Stud made his into a grandma (complete with gold sandals). The Oldest made a Chinese man (love his shoes!). The Middle made his into Santa with toy-sack-feathers. The Youngest disguised his a Secret Agent (like Perry the Platypus). Your family can play too! {PRINT IT HERE} How will you hide your turkey?