Few way how use diapers at s baby shower.

An original way to show off when giving diapers at a baby shower, is presenting them in the form of a cake. It is relatively simple to do, and the only important thing is that they are tight so that they will not lose shape. It can be used from battens, string or hemp thread to tie the diapers, and a cardboard base must also be cut to place it, depending on the size of the cake. Below the step by step of this project:

This is the basic principle of the cake. First you must roll each diaper using a garter or ribbon. Several boards (for the project, 35 diapers are used for the first level) and group them around a cardboard tube or a baby teapot to form the first level. You must tighten them very well so that you do not lose the shape, using ribbon, string or even an adhesive tape or masking tape. Continue to the next level in the same way as the first, making sure to place a teapot or cardboard tube (or even a talc, or bottle of oil) in the center and then begin to group the diapers. The second level should carry fewer diapers. The most common is to make cakes of three levels. To decorate it we can use any article of baby, from towels, stuffed animals, talc, bottles, clothes, etc. same that we will place in each level, making sure they combine the colors well. Do not forget to place thick ribbon around the outline to hide the ties that hold the cake.
The castle of diapers is made on this same base, placing paper cones on some of the pieces so that they look like towers.

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Few way how use diapers at s baby shower.