Witches Story Time

My sister is a.m.a.z.i.n.g when it comes to all things poetry. She’s always been super good at coming up with the best poems. We keep trying to talk her into writing kids books. Anyway, she came up with this story that ALL the kids loved!  …
*Have all the kids sit in a circle, one person narrates, and another helper walks around with “goodies” in a paper bag for the kids to feel, but not see.

Items needed:
paper lunch bags
gummy worms
ketchup (and a helper to demonstrate “bloody hands”
can of chili
fake spiders
gak (or something similar)
small paper cups
apple juice

Witches Story Time

*Prepare worms, grapes, spiders in separate paper bags. Place chili in diaper. As you read the story, have a helper walk around for the kids to feel what’s inside the paper bag, see the bloody hands, look in the diaper, drink the juice, etc. Here is an example of when to do what :) …

This story is one that will scare you
So please listen up, I dare you!
Long, long ago lived a scary, old witch
She walked with a limp and she talked with a twitch
She lived in a dark cave all by herself
Along with the snakes, bats and rats on the shelf
One day, a small child was wandering around
When she walked in the cave and fell to the ground
Through the darkness she felt something squirm
With a light, she’d have seen all the worms (gummy worms)
She crawled a bit further and her hands got all muddy
But when she looked closer, she saw they were bloody (ketchup hands)
So she stood up and screamed and then turned to leave
But her nose caught a stench that caused her to heave (chili in a diaper)
When the witch heard that scream, she ran out to see
This little girl crying and scared as could be
So the witch snatched her up and ran through the hall
Passed all the potions and jars of eyeballs (peeled grapes)
The witch sat her down and then sat beside her
Opened her mouth and fed her a spider (fake spiders)
The girl wasn’t happy, she must‘ve wanted sugar
So the witch picked her nose and fed her a booger (gak)
The girl spit it out, she was mad as could be
The witch said she could leave if she’d just drink some pee (apple juice)
She guzzled it down and left in a hurry

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