Braid wrapped chignon – A SUPER easy up-do for work or date night.


This hairstyle is nice for an occassion where you want to look feminine and sweet. It´s good if your hair has some structure. Like for example if it´s not newly washed or if you put some salt water spray or something to add a bit of texture.

  1. First you take a piece of hair right next to your ears and braid them into normal braids. These you keep out of the way from the rest of the hair.
  2. Then you take a small section of hair from the front, one on each side and tie together in the back.
  3. The rest of the hair you gather in a veeery low ponytail. Then you take the ponytail and fold it around the hair that you tied together from the front. Now tuck the hair a bit and adjust it so it looks nice. Secure with bobbypins! The braids are now hanging down from the sides ready to be used!

Finally: cross the braids in the back above the chignon and secure them under it. Make sure to hide the ends.

NOTE! This hairstyle will vary a bit if you have shorter hair but it´s totally doable, just be a bit creative when it comes to the braids and hide them in the chignon instead of crossing and securing them underneath. And if you have thin hair add a bit of volume to the chignon by backcombing the hair on the side that is facing you before you secure it in a low ponytail. But backcomb with care and be gentle when you later release your hair and comb it through so it doesn´t damage your hair.

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Braid wrapped chignon – A SUPER easy up-do for work or date night.



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