Best Balayage Hair Color Ideas with Blonde, Brown and Caramel Highlights

Balayage hair color is a French technique that is the latest dye trend to gain international popularity. The goal is to create soft, natural-looking highlights that look more modern than traditional coloring methods. Check out our top 90 options in the gallery below.

Balayage Definition: What is Balayage and Why Do We Love It?

As opposed to standard highlighting methods that use foil or a cap, balayage is strictly freehand where the color is painted on. You can amplify the hue to vary from a soft wash to bright and bold depending on your personal preference. Outside of very short cropped hair, it can work on a variety of hair lengths, textures and colors, making it truly universal and flattering for all women. Most are drawn towards it because the maintenance level is relatively low; many are able to go four months between color treatments.

ash brown hair with caramel balayage highlights

Multi-Tonal Wavy Brown Bob

wavy brunette balayage bob


Balayage hair color options within brown palette are endless. You can go into reddish (caramel and auburn) tones of brown or try golden shades varying from browns to blondes. In case you would like a more neutral solution, it looks like this: dark brown for the under layer, medium browns washed to the lightest ash hues towards the ends and very light thin ribbons of brown blonde throughout the length here and there.

Dramatic Brunette Balayage for Layered Hair

If you want to wear your hair down, a medium-length layered haircut is the best choice. If it’s bold and choppy, support its spirit with a dramatic balayage job. Graze the ends of the layers with a shade much lighter than your base color. Light caramel brown on black is a pretty good idea.

black layered hair with caramel balayage


Brown, Caramel and Blonde Color Mix

Reddish tones of brown are also a very popular solution in balayage. You may start with chocolate brown or dark burgundy as the darkest base color and then pair it with chunky caramel highlights which of course need a sprinkling of blonde to set off the used colors.

brown and caramel balayage hair


Brown Ombre Highlights for Black Hair

Balayage vs. ombre – which is the best for you? Actually, you don`t have to choose just one of them. This look blends two hair coloring techniques – ombre and balayage to achieve an effect of gorgeous dimensional waves effortlessly cascading down through their natural curves and bends.

light brown balayage for black hair


Dark Brown Mixed Balayage Color

This mix of browns looks adorable on the shaggy waves. It’s truly an art to compose a blend that is so natural-looking and, at the same time, sophisticated and exquisite. A woman who doesn’t want to reveal the efforts she puts into looking this gorgeous will love the idea.

shaggy brown bob with subtle balayage highlights


Delicate Balayage for Medium Length Hair

Most examples of balayage on the Internet feature long hair. But shoulder-length locks also look very beautiful with ombre and with balayage. Brunettes who want to lighten up their hair significantly may go this cute idea with a light brown tone around the face, dark blonde at the ends and a sprinkling of the lightest blonde throughout the length.

Chocolate and Dark Brown Hair Color

It’s not the common streaking. The major benefit of this dye technique is creating dimension in the hair. If you enjoy being a brunette, opt for medium-toned brown balayage hair, remaining on your natural dark brown base. This color will look beautiful on medium length layered haircuts for wavy hair.

medium length wavy brunette balayage hair


Caramel-Toned Layers for Brunettes

Brunette balayage can be also performed with some delicious caramel tones involved. This hair color choice will be particularly flattering for women with warm complexions. The long luscious waves flow like real caramel. This mane is made to drive someone crazy!

long brown hair with caramel balayage


Subtle Balayage Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

A modern textured bob worn effortlessly in loose tousled waves always wins from subtle touches of color called to enhance the texture and dimension of your medium length hair when you wear it undone.

medium dark brown hair with subtle balayage


Shaggy Blonde Balayage Bob

In the times when solid colors reigned in hair color trends, brunettes had to do frequent root touch ups. Blonde balayage highlights have become a salvation in this relation. Being a blonde and rocking your natural dark underlayer is not a beauty crime anymore.

brown bob with blonde balayage


Face-Framing Balayage Highlights

Sometimes you don’t want additional colors to distract from the beauty of your healthy flowing locks. In this case subtle balayage highlights, a little bit more intense for the face-framing strands, are exactly what is needed. An exquisite compliment, but not an overshadowing attraction.

subtle balayage for long layered brown hair


Long Layered Brown Blonde Hair

Every other girl is crazy about having brown blonde hair these days. Even a new word emerged to name it – “bronde”. The easiest way to achieve a quality brown blonde hair color is with the balayage technique. You locks will shine and flow like a fairy-tale river!

blonde balayage for brown hair


Wavy Cinnamon Style

You don’t always have to accent your brunette hair with light golden tones; sometimes a medium brown hue is just as effective. The upside is that you can filter thicker strips of color throughout your strands and it still won’t overpower your look.

Brown Blonde Balayage Ombre

When you like the idea of lighter ends, but want to wrap it into the most popular today coloring approach, go for balayage ombre. In this particular look the beach waves seem to melt towards the ends – the most relaxed look ever!

brown to blonde ombre hair


Caramel Ribbons in Chocolate Waves

Caramel balayage always looks twice appealing because it’s not only pleasing to the eye, it evokes your gastronomic senses. Caramel and chocolate is the sweetest couple, as is well known. Applying this combo in hair coloring or clothes is definitely a success.

caramel balayage for dark brown hair


Ash Brown Balayage

This hair color solution suggests washing the color out to the ends with dark brown base peeking through the adorable ash brown waves. It’s a good idea for medium length hair, when you want to go a few tones lighter, but keep the root color.

dark brown hair with ash brown highlights


Caramel Highlights for Brown Hair

Brunette balayage can have as many varieties as you can imagine. If you prefer a natural look of sun-faded locks, caramel and blonde tones are a worthy choice. Those shades can breathe new life into your common choppy bob haircut.

long choppy bob with light brown balayage


Chocolate Brown with Caramel Highlights

Dark brown hair and balayage highlights complement each other beautifully, as evidenced by this gorgeous hair color choice. With the chocolate brown base diluted with caramel highlights, this is absolutely a fuss-free and flattering look. The undone waves placed throughout also keep this look modern and fresh.

Coffee-Brown Ombre Hair

Compared to caramel, auburn might be a less popular hair color choice for brown balayage, but it’s no less beautiful. If you do not want a hair color that yells: “Look at me!”, but still would like some colorful diversity and interest within your locks, consider this option.

auburn ombre highlights for layered brown hair


Light Brown Balayage on Dark Hair

With long dark brown hair it’s usually flattering to lighten up the face-framing pieces. These can be either rather thin streaks or relatively large sections with blurred edges like in this example. This solution offers an unobtrusive diversity for the hair you generally like.

long brown balayage hair


Blonde Highlights for Brunettes

Healthy long brown locks are inherently bright and beautiful, but a solid dark color may look a bit monotonous. Balayage hair is the best modern coloristic idea to upgrade your natural hair color with minimal risks of hair damage and low maintenance in mind.

long balayage hair for brunettes


Sweet Caramel Balayage

Tanned skin and tousled waves with sun-kissed highlights are the two main attributes of a sexy surfer look. If it flatters you, wear it regardless of season, experimenting with caramel highlights which pair perfectly with medium chocolate hue.

long layered brown and caramel balayage hair


Beach Blonde Balayage

It’s no secret that blonde hair is always destined to garner a host of attention from admirers all over. This beautiful beach blonde balayage features a perfect mix of medium and light tones that come together to provide the hair with dimension. And still it wouldn’t be considered a true beach blonde look if some nice, flowy waves weren’t placed throughout to create a soft and effortless style.

Light Brown Feathers for Espresso Brown Hair

Using color to define the layers within your new haircut is another popular trick you may use to upgrade your look. In this case you can go for a much lighter shade if you want the result to be distinctly visible. Though subtle touches of a darker shade would work here too.

caramel balayage for thick dark brown hair


Brown Blonde Shoulder-Length Balayage

When you combine the colors of brown and blonde, you get a beautiful caramel balayage like the solution seen here. Shoulder-length hair is lightly layered and styled with a chic center part and soft face-framing waves. The final result is modern with just a hint of edge.

Dimensional Hair Color for Brunettes

A balayge hair idea that gives you maximum dimension is often the most requested one. In this case the more pronounced variety of shades is concentated around the face. The blonde highlights disappear towards the ears, and that can be a more interesting solution than the same color pattern all over.

long black hair with brown and blonde balayage


Sun-Kissed Brunette Balayage

Some girls prefer to interfere as less as possible into their natural beauty. If you are a sultry brunette, chances are you love your natural hair color and do not want to change it drastically. Very subtle balayage highlights will only give your locks some added glow. Nobody would ever guess you visited a colorist.

medium wavy brown hairstyle with subtle highlights


Complex Medium Brown Hair Color

The medium brown blend with smears of dark honey, streaks of flaxen blonde and occasional chocolate ribbons in between provides the complexity of the color that won’t be so easy to duplicate. You are likely to get something similar, but not exactly the same. This balayage solution is particularly flattering for tanned skin.

medium brown layered balayage hair


Brown, Ash Blonde and Platinum Blend

This pretty hair color solution is dazzling, as it reaches the brightest platinum notes at certain points. Brown and blonde blend can give the feeling of warmth or coolness. This is the coolest combination possible.

ash blonde balayage


Delicious Mix of Browns and Blondes

Balayage highlights can be much lighter than your natural hair color and still look very sophisticated thanks to the seamless trasitions of hair hues from dark brown through light chocolate to caramel blonde – the sweetest blend ever.

caramel balayage for brown hair


Brown Balayage Beauty

Do you miss the sun-kissed highlights of your youth? Balayage highlights lighten up your hair in a way that hasn’t been enjoyed since that one summer vacation when you were 8 years old.

Caramel Balayage For Brunettes


Subtle Light

Balayage hair doesn’t have to be dramatic or overly noticeable – sometimes it’s as simple as subtly illuminating your hair to light brown with just a pinch of color.

Ash Brown Balayage Ombre


Ombre Inspired

Ombre hair is still beautiful and in style, but it’s gradually phasing out due to its severity. If you want something that looks more God-given than salon-given, go with a more natural balayage ombre that will flatter your features without overpowering them.

Dark Brown Hair With Golden Brown Balayage


Dark Color Sheen

If you have very dark hair, you know that brown hair with highlights isn’t always the loveliest. It’s just too easy to reach that overkill territory, and once you go blonde in any form, it can be difficult to return back again. Balayage hair allows dark haired beauties a chance to try some color enhancement without going overboard.

Brown Balayage For Black Hair


Balayage Color Streak Fun

You don’t have to stick to a specific color family to achieve balayage-designated locks. In fact, if you want something more edgy and fun, this is the perfect hair color technique for you. Experiment with purple greys, platinum blonde, or whatever else you feel like. The trick to a quality balayage is to paint it on freehand rather that use something more systematic like foils.

Ash Brown Balayage Bob


Brown Haired Beauty

Any brunette knows that features seem weighed down if they don’t have some sort of hair-incorporated pick-me-up. Go for a highlight shade that’s only a few shades lighter than the bulk of your hair.

Black Hair With Chocolate Highlights


Natural Blonde to Supernatural Silver

Grey hair has been trendy among young women for several seasons now, and it shows no sign of slowing down. These balayage highlights start with a classic blonde and descend into a carefree purple grey hue that is as fun as your super hero outlook on life.

Light Brown And Silver Balayage Hair


Honey Colored Balayage

Medium brown hair can benefit from balayage treatments in a variety of colors. Cool down or warm up your hair hue to match the seasons – or try a blunt cut and some curls to show off every strand.

Golden Brown Balayage Bob


Sassy Auburn

Auburn hair just works well on certain personality types – so if you’re sassy, strong, short tempered or just straight up confident, this deep red hue will look incredible. If your hair is on the thin side, a deep, rich color like this will also “thicken” things up.

Rosewood Hair With Highlights


Cascade of Balayage Expertise

Blonde balayage is not something to try at home – it truly is a piece of art with its strategically placed sweeps of color. If you want to work in several shades of blonde into your hair, it can also take a while and cost a bundle, depending upon your hair length.

Blonde Balayage For Brown Hair


Fashionable Roots

Showing your roots used to be a total fashion faux pas – but thanks to popular highlighting techniques like today’s balayage styles, brown and blonde hair can co-exist without any shame.

Black Hair With Ash Blonde Balayage


Balayage Beach Waves

Messy, wavy hair is desired by countless women at the salon each year. If you are blessed with the right length and hair texture to pull it off, consider further enhancing it with hair color ideas such as this one.

Honey Blonde Balayage With Brown Roots


Lightened Up Life

Balayage hair color in its purest form is achieved through hand-painted blonde streaks. It is meant to be reminiscent of youth, where the sun lit up your strands wherever it chose. Now you can re-live this lightened up existence with one salon visit.

Sandy Blonde Ombre Balayage Hair


Keeping it Real

If you have longer hair, don’t hide it – work with it instead! This balayage technique paints color onto only the top layer of hair – your natural, darker color is still permitted to peak through in just the right spots.

Dark Hair With Caramel Blonde Balayage


Very Subtle Balayage

This color job is feminine, subtle and glowing with natural radiance. Bring in photo examples such as this one if you want your stylist to understand what you’re hoping to get out of your salon visit. A picture really does speak a thousand words – especially when it comes to hair colors and styles.

Chunky Honey Blonde Balayage Highlights


Delicious Balayage Highlights

Caramel highlights look so lovely on dark haired women, and the balayage technique really ups the beauty. With the ability to place highlights more freely and seemingly randomly, balayage highlights can brighten up any color or style. If your hair is dark, request chocolate, auburn or honey colored streaks to keep things looking natural.

Chocolate Balayage For Black Hair


Shaggy, Colored Fun

This long, wavy hairstyle is really made beautiful by the dramatic yet still natural-looking color. Have your hair cut into a “v” shaped layers and then curl it to really show off your new hues.

Strawberry Blonde Balayage Highlights


Balayage Into Brown

If you love your dark hair but want to try something a little bit different, you can work some understated highlights that are just obvious enough to make a difference. Use these to frame the face, lighten up hair that looks/feels “weighted down”, and hide greys without going too severe.

Highlights For Dark Brown Hair


Angled Bob with Color

Balayage hair is a step above any other hair color technique – it’s been around awhile, but salons all over the world are just catching up with this trend that has really gained momentum. You can experience this color technique without spending a fortune by keeping your hair short. It cuts cost and time in half.

Caramel Balayage Bob


Long Hair, Romantic Color

If you are lucky enough to have long, healthy and soft locks, lighten things up to provide that eye-catching sheen. Your hair will rival the beauties tossing their locks in shampoo commercials – only yours will be real! Brown hair should stick with subtle – a little bit of blonde goes a long way.

Brown Ombre Balayage For Black Hair


Gorgeous Caramel Brown Layers

Cinnamon makes for a stunning addition to black hair. The beautiful balayage pieces really help the layers stand out, creating an effortless, feminine style that is modern without appearing too fake. Ask your stylist for highlights that start from the temple and angle backwards to the nape level.

Black Hair With Caramel Brown Balayage


Subtle Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

If you need balayage straight hair will look best with, ask your stylist for thin, bendable highlights in a shade or two lighter than your natural color. Such subtle highlights work really well—no need to add curls to make them stand out. Of course, you can always style with waves or curls just for fun!

Layered Golden Brown Balayage Hair


Espresso with Caramel Blonde Highlights

So pretty! For a trendy balayage look, ask your stylist for thin highlights above the midshaft and thick highlights below. These honey and caramel tones blend so perfectly together—and help tie the dark root and blonde end. To recreate these curls, try a clipless barrel curling iron.

Caramel Blonde Highlights For Brown Hair


Champagne and Gold Balayage

Balayage hair is the number one trend for highlights. Remember when everyone used to have highlights that were thick at the root? That old-school technique creates noticeable roots and can easily look fake. By gradually incorporating highlights and blending the colors, you’ll achieve a more youthful, natural style.

Blonde Balayage Hair With Black Roots


Golden Brown and Blonde Balayage

What makes this balayage style truly stand out? The fact that the base color is not present in the ends. If you want a brighter, lighter look, ask your stylist to color all of your ends (instead of just some). Your base color will only show at the roots and in certain places in the midshaft.

Golden Blonde Balayage Hair


Subtle Honey Brown Highlights

Part way between cinnamon and caramel, this hair is all fabulous. It’s a perfect shade for the woman looking to bring out her inner diva. Whether you opt for straight hair, natural curls, or heat-styled waves, it is impossible to go wrong with a color this pretty.

Caramel Brown Balayage Hair


Warm and Cool Toned Balayage

Pairing warm and cool toned highlights won’t work for everyone, but it’s a beautiful look if you have a neutral skin tone. This concept is perfect when mixing ash blonde and red balayage together because it can cut down on the brightness of that bold combination.

Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights


Subtle Waves and Cinnamon Highlights

This pretty, warm shade is gorgeous on dark brown hair. The balayage technique is achieved by strategically painting color on pieces of hair, so it’s no wonder that this coloring method typically results in an artful appearance. This chic, creative look does not disappoint! Cute twists and waves complete the style.

Mahogany Choppy Bob


Face-Framing Balayage Waves

If you love your natural hair color but are itching to try something new, then this balayage hair look was made for you. Instead of getting too aggressive with a new painted-on shade, opt for nothing more than face-framing highlights. That way, you’ll bring warmth to your skin with minimal damage and low upkeep.

Black Hair With Brown Highlights


Thin Balayage Highlights

While balayage highlights do tend to be fairly thick, the coloring also looks great when applied with a lighter hand—especially when the accent color is only a shade or two different from the base color. When the difference in shade levels is big, a subtle balayage technique comes across as dirty (not chic!).

Honey Brown Balayage For Black Hair


Painted Blonde Balayage Black Hair

Highlights for dark hair can look great when muted (like a soft brown) or when bright and noticeable (like this blonde version). The trick is to perfectly blend the colors together. These caramel blonde shades create the perfect transition from black hair to light blonde ends.

Blonde Balayage For Brown Hair


Blonde and Brown Curls

When you’re adding blond to a dark brown base, you have to go for it! This look is not for the faint of heart, because it looks best when the blonde pieces are bright and noticeable. By combining ash blonde, golden, and caramel shades, this version pulls the blend off perfectly.

Blonde Balayage Highlights For Brunettes

Instagram: @jackmartincolorist Salon: Jack Martin Salon in Tustin, CA

Caramel Balayage on Medium Length Hair

This soft caramel shade makes for perfect brunette highlights. Worked into the bottom layers of deep espresso hair, the color creates some pretty glints of light. If you want to try blonde balayage (but don’t want anything too crazy) then ask for hidden highlights like these.

Babylights For Black Hair


Red Base Color with Blonde Balayage

Red and blonde, is that you? We’ve never seen you look quite so glamorous! No joke though—red and blonde is not easy to pull off, but this balayage version is killing it all over the place. If you know you look good with red hair and are feeling daring, this one’s for you.

Copper Hair With Blonde Highlights


Modern Wavy Bob

This cool-toned brunette balayage is everything we love about modern hair-coloring techniques. It’s got that right mix of subtle and noticeable. If you have dark hair, this will be a great way to try a brand new hair color with guaranteed-to-be-flattering results.

Brown Bob With Golden Blonde Highlights


Warm Toned Balayage for Dark Hair

These ribbons of golden blonde make for beautiful balayage on dark hair. Keeping your hair long (and incorporating lots of long layers) is a great way to show off the trendy color. To style waves like these, use extra large hot rollers and then shake or comb through the curls.

Dark Brown Hair With Golden Blonde Highlights


Light Brown Hair with Gray Peekaboos

You know the gray hair trend? Well, it’s extending to peekaboos and balayage. If you want to try out the ashy, smoky look without going all-in, then choose the shade for your new pretty highlights. Together with a warm, soft brown, it makes for a modern color combination.

Gray Highlights For Brown Hair


Cool Toned Balayage Ombre

Looking for a perfect caramel balayage? These pretty caramel waves that fade to ash blonde ends will inspire hair envy everywhere you go. For super bouncy waves, use large hot rollers. Because of the way the rollers are set on the head, you get an instant volume-boost at the root. You can also gently tease your hair at the crown.

Brown Blonde Ombre Balayage


Light Brown Base with Golden Ends

This bright color catches the light so prettily. To keep your hair looking this soft and silky, be sure to go in for regular trims and use products with tons of moisture and protecting ingredients. For days when you air-dry, a leave-in conditioner can help offset the damage caused by heat-styling days.

Honey Blonde Ombre Highlights For Brown Hair


Cute Flipped Up Waves with Lighter Ends

These little flipped up ends are adorable, especially when paired with face-framing curls. No curling iron needed for this look! To recreate it, simply flip hair up with a medium-barrel round brush while you blow dry. Be sure to curl the brush under instead of out when you’re working on the front pieces around the face.

Brown To Caramel Ombre


Dark Brown Choppy Hairstyle with Highlights

Nowadays balayage hair is a must-try look for hair of any color, length and texture. You can personalize the look, picking a unique combination of hues or taking your cue from the styles you like and introducing some personal touches in the way colors are applied. It can be a mix of chunky highlights and babylights, for instance.

medium length dark brown hair with light brown highlights

Instagram/ @styledbylizsustaita

Light Brown Babylights for Dark Hair

Some girls prefer chunky highlights, but delicate babylights, definetely, have their special charm. The three-tier color idea pictured here embraces a dark brown base, a light ash brown mid layer and a sprinkling of tiny blonde ribbons – such a cute solution, indeed.

light brown balayage hair


Lightly Textured Balayage Hair

It’s amazing what the right amount of light texture can do for naturally fine hair. This hairstyle is an example of the perfect marriage between fine hair, texture and color. The result is a classy and modern look.

Dark and Wavy Balayage

Here, dark brown locks are left super long and the exquisite brunette balayage begins towards the lower middle section of the hair. The delicate subtle touches of the delicious hue that is only a few tones lighter than the base hue create some sort of mysterious flair that might not turn every head, but it will definitely be noticed and appreciated.

Sun-Kissed Balayage for Brown Hair

Want a look of sun-faded hair? If you have a cool skin tone and blue or gray eyes, go for the cool tones of blonde in balayage. Such highlights will look amazing of medium brown to dark brunette hair.

Dark and Straight Balayage Hair

When your hair color looks this amazing, you don’t need a lot of styling to make it stand out. Here, you have brown balayage that is left to be the star of the show. The only actual styling is a bit of a texturizing product rubbed into the ends for some extra definition and a shaggy feel.

Blonde Balayage for Brunettes

Incorporating blonde balayage highlights for brunettes has never been so easy, smart and beautiful. Well, easy for someone who is experienced, because you’ll need to blend the lightest shades of blonde through muted golden brown strands. Use the lightest shades for face-framing.

medium brown and blonde balayage


Brown to Caramel Ombre with Blonde Balayage

A fade to caramel tones for brunettes is gorgeous but nothing new nowadays. How can you personalize the look you like so much? Go for blonde highlights here and there to frame your mane. It’s going to look particularly amazing if your wear a long V-haircut.

caramel and blonde balayage for brunettes


Delicate Blonde Balayage Hair

Medium ash browns and soft flaxen blondes are ideal when you have a long length to stretch the hues for a very delicate and sophisticated hair color solution. Doesn’t it look like your dream hair?

long brown blonde balayage hair


Tousled Tortoiseshell Style

Ecaille, or tortoiseshell hair, is a beautiful mix of golden brown, chestnut tones and honey blonde for a blended balayage brunette women love the most. The combination of tones is meant to add warmth to your look. Added bonus: this is the go-to look of Gisele Bundchen, which means it’s great for those looking to tap into their inner Victoria Secret model.

Flaxen Blonde Fade

Long, thick, healthy hair is an excellent base for non-trivial hair color solutions. If you want a fairly natural-looking yet not subtle hair color, you may go for a gorgeous flaxen blonde fade with balayage highlights like in the photo. The darker your natural color is, the more dramatic the final result will be (in case you choose to preserve your natural hue at the roots, of course.)

Natural Chocolate Waves

If you are a conservative woman who wants to add some spice to dull, dark straight hair, this is an ideal style. With just enough color to add depth and dimension, you can slightly enhance your chocolate mane.

Thick and Curly Balayage Locks

If you have thick, curly hair there is a variety of hairstyles and hair color ideas that flatter your tresses flawlessly. This mid-length hair style features a soft balayage application throughout, while the actual styling is understated with a nice amount of undisturbed curls.

Messy Silver to Blonde Hair

Perfect for a girl who likes a messy hair look and enjoys experimenting with hair color ideas, this messy blonde balayage offers the best of both worlds. Featuring a dark blonde on the top gradually transitioning to a light blonde on the ends, this look is completed with super cute shaggy waves.

Auburn and Golden Blonde Balayage

Versatility is one of the strongest advantages of balayage hair color technique. Whatever base color you have or choose, you’ll always be able to pick up a flattering hue to compliment it. The auburn and golden blonde remind us of the last sunny days of Indian summer.

Wavy Brown and Honey Blonde Balayage

Here is a vivid answer to why balayage highlights are so incredibly popular. They offer you a unique multi-tonal effect. Mix the sweetest and the most delicious hues of milk chocolate and honey to come up with your perfect color combo.

Touches of Blonde

With dark hair, balayage works wonders giving the color a nice added boost. The blonde balayage highlights here blend nicely with the deconstructed waves that are pulled apart and finger-combed to create a messy, undone look.

Subtle Balayage for Brown Hair

One of the best ways to test out balayage is to do it in a more subtle manner to determine if you truly like it enough to try a more pronounced effect. This style features an easy way to try out the popular hair color technique. The final look is sleek and polished with just a hint of highlight throughout.

Light Caramel Balayage

There’s a certain tendency to make long hair rather natural-looking and express more drama through shorter hair. That’s not a rule, just a well-grounded solution, in our opinion. This angled bob needed the maximum definition to enhance the texture and show off the layers, and it succeeded thanks to the highly-contrasting two-tone color.

short brunette bob with light caramel balayage


Chocolate Covered Cherries Color Inspiration

Red violet balayage will always be popular with brunettes, because it looks harmonious on dark brown hair and reminds of the loved by many cherry blossom candies. The strokes of color are bold yet light, as if they were created spontaneously in a second.

burgundy balayage for brown hair


Balayage hair color can range from white blond to jet black, with varying intensity depending on your preference. With minimal maintenance and maximum impact, this is an ideal coloring technique for any woman.


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