Awesome 30+ DIY Jewelry Ideas

Awesome 30+ DIY Jewelry Ideas. These are easy to make and they would make great fasion statement pieces.
  1. Gold Dipped Leather Feather Earings ~By Brit + Co How to Make Gold-Dipped Leather Feather Earrings via Brit + Co. 2. Scrap Metal Necklace ~By My Altered State How to make a scrap metal necklace. DIY | Scrap Metal | Necklace | My Altered State 3. Leather Wrap Bracelet leather wrap bracelet tutorial 4. Suede & Chain Woven Bracelet ~By Yes Missy Jewelry DIY: Chain Woven Bracelet Tutorial 5. Wire Rings with Beads wire ring with bead tutorial by, Anleitung für einen Drahtring mit Perle von 6. Boho Earnings ~By Domestic Bliss Squared boho earrings jewelry tutorial 7. Circle Rings ~By Wobisobi 8. Delicate Gold Bracelets ~By Hello Whimsy DIY: delicate gold bracelets 9. Wire Heart Ring ~By Yes Missy DIY wire ring 10. Friendship Necklace ~By Honestly WTF 11. Apothecary Bottle Necklace ~By Free People diy-apothecary-necklace 12.  Wrap Bangles ~By Honestly WTF wrapbracelet0 13. Chunky Leather Bracelet ~By Lebenslustiger leather bracelet tutorial by, Anleitung für ein Lederarmband von 14. Woven Chain Necklace ~By Honestly WTF 15. Polymer Clay Feather Necklace ~By The Crafted Sparrow Polymer Clay Feather Necklace. Use filigree feathers or leaves and do a faux cloisonne. Aw yeah. 16. Macrame Bracelet ~By Honestly WTF 17. Braided Anchor Bracelet ~By DIY Make It swellmayde: DIY | Fishtail Braided Anchor Bracelet 18. Twisted Rings ~By Fall For DIY twisted wire rings 19.) 5 Minute Leather Bracelet by Artzy Creations
Artzy Creations_5 min Leather Bracelet 1

5 Min. Leather Bracelet

20.)  Stamped Washer Necklaces ~By The 36th Avenue 21. Braided Bracelet ~By Yes Missy DIY Jewelry - Hex Nut Bracelet 22. Mystery Braid Bracelet ~By A Pumpkin and a Princess How to make a mystery braid bracelet 23. Ombre Necklace ~By Miss Lovie 24. Shepard Moon Necklace ~By Flamingo Toes 25. Piccadilly Drops ~By Small Good Things Anthropologie Knockoff Tutorial: Piccadilly Drops 26.) Anthro Inspired Flannel Wrapped Bracelet by Artzy Creations Anthro-Inspired-Flannel-Wrapped-Bracelets-Main 3 27. Anthro Knockoff Earrings ~By My Girlish Whims 28. Braided Cuff Bracelet ~By Honestly WTF diybraidedcuff0 29. Wrapped Peach Aventurine Ring ~By Oh Everything Handmade 30. Faceted Rings ~By Lovely Indeed at Poppy Talk 31. Peacock Feather Earrings 33. Geometric Birch Earrings by Artzy Creations
Artzy Creations_Geometric Birch Earrings Main 1

Geometric Birch Earrings


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Awesome 30+ DIY Jewelry Ideas



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