Name the States – Quiz for kids



Can use this map, not only for Geography, but to get kids involved in national politics and interested in voting.



Kids Quiz...

Kids Quiz


  1. Quiz Style Questions
  2. Math - Addition Subtraction Multiplication
  3. Science - Solar System
  4. Capitals - US and World

Quick Strike Math Game - Free Practice and Drills...

Quick Strike Math Game  Free Practice and Drills


  1. Features addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  2. A 'Mix' option combines all the math operations into a set of unique multiple choice questions
  3. Questions can be given in separate formats: floating bubbles, multiple-choice squares, or keyboard entry
  4. Different levels of difficulty can be selected, from beginner to expert
  5. A report can be generated at the end of ten questions to show their progress
  6. A bonus special effects will be shown when users score high!
  7. Great for practicing multiplication tables!

#1 Christian Bible game to help with Bible study a...

#1 Christian Bible game to help with Bible study and grow your faith with God  Jesus is calling  Great for families and kids and just in time for Easter


  1. Hand-crafted questions by alum at Dallas Theological Seminary
  2. Questions taken from Genesis and Revelation and everything in-between
  3. Test your knowledge on what Jesus said
  4. Hear audio clues spoken in a British language. You need to download JUST for that alone!
  5. Helps you remember Bible verses with fill-in-the-blank clues
  6. See the explanation of where of the answer came from!

Kids Vocabulary Games : animals and fruits english...

Kids Vocabulary Games : animals and fruits english vocab quiz game app for your children educational learning free


  1. Animals and Fruits Jigsaw Puzzle Game.
  2. Easy to learn and play educreations for all ages.
  3. Many words to play with quizzup picture.
  4. 2 categories to play animals and fruits.
  5. Learn the english letters A - Z and teach me kindergarten.
  6. Choice for learning games for kids ages 8 and 9 and more.
  7. Challenge playing with a limited time.
  8. Optimized and compatible for all devices.
  9. No WiFi need, can play game offline.

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