5 DIY Bang Cutting Tutorials That Will Make Messing Up Your Hair Impossible


I know it sounds a little weird and shallow, but I’ve had bangs for so long at this point that they’re starting to feel like part of my identity. When they’re too long or too dirty to wear down, I just don’t feel like myself. Perhaps my fellow fringe-havers know what I mean. Bangs and I are going to be together as long as I have hair. Unfortunately, maintaining the perfect curvature and length requires a lot of upkeep, so I end up running around with awkward hair a lot of the time. Who has the time to be running to the salon just to have their forehead accessory tended to? Not I.

In the past, trying to cut my own bangs has gone terribly wrong and resulted in coiffure disasters that took years to repair. Sometimes, if I was very careful, my at-home bang trims were successful. More often than not, I would just drunkenly succumb to emotionally hacking away at my hair. My new goal is to be more consistently methodological about my at-home haircuts, because I’m a grown woman who wants to look more polished and less like the little girl who let her big sister do her hair with a pair of safety scissors. Lucky for me and other people with bangs, the internet has loads of bang trimming tutorials.

Here are 5 different methods for DIY bang trims for you to choose from:

1) Perfect Bangs (For Those Who ARe Patient) At Home

This is such a comprehensive guide. It makes me want to go buy more hair tools like fancy scissors. 

2) The Ill Advised Old Scotch Tape Method.

 I don’t think this is such a good idea. 

3) Keep It Simple, Stupid. 

No need to over think it. Bangs are just hair. 

4) Do It Like A Cartoon. 

You need to be way more relaxed about your hair than I am in order to go through with this.

5) Use Technology.

 There are apparently tools specifically devised to aid in DIY bang trims. 


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5 DIY Bang Cutting Tutorials That Will Make Messing Up Your Hair Impossible



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