Happy Home – Colorful perfection

Happy Home – Colorful perfection

In terms of decor, I could do it myself no better or more beautiful: it’s all my taste and I would all like to have myself!
Its interior is playful, cheerful and colorful with bold mix of different styles and accessories.

Charlotte has written a book: “Happy Home“.
Happy Home – Colorful perfection

Her book is a visual celebration of colorful and cheerful interior design ideas. Charlotte gives many practical tips based on photos for every room in the house and even in the garden.
The everyday objects and combine the fabrics in funky color scheme with a peaceful Scandinavian base, make sure that your house is not Villekulla Cottage, but a full color design environment.

Use of color in your home goes beyond what fun it is part of a lifestyle and even affect your mood.
This I can affirm like no other!
When I met my love, he first had to swallow my exuberant decor (which incidentally vary considerably, but is still very colorful) , but he later admitted that he find it anywhere else so cozy and ‘chilled’ as at home.

The book contains tips on how creativity is encouraged and invites you once again to ‘play’.
Besides the tips and personal lyrics, the book is an explosion of colors with many beautiful photos.

Glittery straws, ice cubes with edible flowers, butterfly wallpaper: Welcome to the colorful world of Happy Home, written by the creator of the RICE lifestyle brand, Charlotte Gu?niau. Step inside her kitchen and cook her delicious, easy recipes for your friends and family: Spongy Lemon Cake, Sweet Potato Hummus, Chocolate Kisses, Chicken Curry in a Hurry, and many more. To follow her mantra Play Together, Stay Together, she offers 10 child-friendly activities for every day or special days—birthdays, parties, or even just tea for two!

For 20 years, the Danish company RICE has been known for its colorful collection of ethically made and practical housewares and accessories—everything from dishes to storage baskets to wallpaper to party decorations. Now you can enter their world: grab daily life, add a drop of magic, a ladleful of laughs, and a bunch of color, and have fun making spring rolls, pizza, and even pink sesame potatoes!