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Shipping Container Homes -   Shipping Container House Ideas

FJM Security Products SPSA80-CR-KA Triple Chrome P...

FJM Security Products SPSA80-CR-KA Triple Chrome Plated D-Shaped Security Padlock, 3-1/8


  1. UNMATCHED SECURITY – FJM Security crafts locks that last and security you can trust. This long-lasting padlock is heel toe locking with a freely rotating hardened steel shackle. Our FJM design leaves no weak spots on the lock and prevents attacks by cutting or sawing.
  2. DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – The lock's durable chrome exterior and its unique “D” shape make it the perfect solution for securing containers, gates and storage units. Convenient and smooth, it can be applied vertically or horizontally on storage or shipping containers.
  3. WORKS IN HARSH WEATHER  – Constructed out of durable hardened steel, this padlock is triple chrome plated and uniquely suited to outdoor and marine environments. The supremely durable construction of this padlock stands up to the harshest weather conditions.
  4. KEY RETAINING – The SPSA60 FJM Padlocks come with 4 unique European style keys and are key retaining. The keys can only be removed from the padlock when it is in the locked position.
  5. KEYED ALIKE – This lock ships keyed alike, so each key set fits all of the locks. It is a great solution if you don't want to carry around a bunch of keys. (Also available keyed different.)
  6. Hardened Steel and Chrome plated 80mm lock - great for marine use
  7. Heel/Toe shackle - freely rotating to resist cutting
  8. Won't wear out - all Internal mechanics brass and stainless steel; Jimmy proof
  9. Pick proof
  10. Key retaining and comes with 4 keys that are hard to duplicate

40FT High Cube Used Shipping Container for Storage...

40FT High Cube Used Shipping Container for Storage/Construction/Container Home in New Jersey


  1. Made from Corrosion Resistant Durable Corten Steel
  2. Secure, Stackable, Portable, Wind and Water Tight
  3. A High Cube container is 1FT taller than a standard container
  4. WE DELIVER to Your Home, Office or Project Site
  5. Container Home / Outdoor Portable Storage / Emergency Shelter / Industrial Shed

Duramax 30432 Flat Roof Insulated Building, 13 by ...

Duramax 30432 Flat Roof Insulated Building, 13 by 10'


  1. Includes a metal foundation that allows building construction on just about any flat level surface
  2. Pre-painted galvanized inner and outer walls provide a stable, impenetrable wall
  3. Thick fire-retardant CFC-Free B2 polyurethane insulation offers excellent thermal and acoustic
  4. Easy-to-assemble bolted Tongue and groove wall panel Assembly. Provides fast assembly and
  5. Snow load of 30 lbs/sqft - one of the strongest do-it-yourself buildings.
  6. Secured door with a dead bolt Lock can be configured on any side panel wall of the building.
  7. Extension kit available in 40" Increments and mountable on either side
  8. An angular roof design for easy water drainage including a gutter system with a downspout to collect residual water.
  9. Stackable wall panels, single crate package so that the building can be moved if needed even in a pickup truck.

20FT Used Cargo Worthy Steel Shipping Container in...

20FT Used Cargo Worthy Steel Shipping Container in CA - Secure Water Tight Home or Business Storage


  1. WE DELIVER to Your Home, Office, Business or Project Site
  2. Durable, Secure, Portable, Stackable, Wind & Water Tight, CSC Plated
  3. Made Of Quality Corrosion Resistant Corten Steel
  4. External Dimensions: 20FT Long x 8FT Wide x 8FT 6IN High
  5. Certified and suitable for international cargo shipping or storage

Weizhengheng Modular Flat Pack Living Prefab Conta...

Weizhengheng Modular Flat Pack Living Prefab Container House, 20FT,set of 5


  1. Easy for low skilled workers to assemble
  2. The light steel frame structure is strong and reliable
  3. Efficient, low cost designs that can be customized for user's requirements
  4. Many modular homes can be stacked and linked together to create more space
  5. Please contact us about the size or shipping details before you order a product, Thanks

Walthers SceneMaster 949-8151 HO Scale Model of Ch...

Walthers SceneMaster 949-8151 HO Scale Model of China Shipping (Green, White) 40' Corrugated Container


  1. Realistic load for any intermodal well car
  2. Improved door latch detail
  3. Ready to use
  4. Great detail for Terminals, Highways and industrial scenes
  5. 1: 87 HO scale model
  6. These are hobby grade products securely packed for protection in shipping
  7. Please handle with care when removing from package or breakage could occur

Akro-Mils 39120GREEN 39120 Industrial Plastic Stor...

Akro-Mils 39120GREEN 39120 Industrial Plastic Storage Tote with Hinged Attached Lid, (21-Inch L by 15-Inch W by 12-Inch H), Green, (6-Pack)


  1. STORAGE TOTE DIMENSIONS- Outside (21-1/2-Inch x 15-1/4-Inch x 12-1/2-Inch), Inside Top (19-3/4-Inch x 14-3/16-Inch x 12-Inch) – Case of 6
  2. DURABLE- High-quality, heavy duty durable stacking totes are made from industrial-grade plastic
  3. GREAT STORAGE FOR- Garages, attics, sheds or barns; toys and sporting equipment; fishing, boating or camping supplies; holiday decorations; RV storage; shipping, distribution, assembly, or order picking
  4. EFFICIENT- Containers will stack with lids closed and nest when lids are open to save on shipping costs, hinged lids won't get lost
  5. SECURE – Attached lids snap securely closed to protect contents from dust or damage, security tie holes allow use of tamper-evident seals