Crayon Art


You’ll Need 

  1. LOTS of Crayons ( theres is one of each shade in a box, you can go through at lest 3-5 crayons of one shade on a single crayon painting)
  2. Hair Dryer
  3. Heat Gun {Optional}
  4. Canvas
  5. Exacto Knife or a sharp kitchen knife
  6. Paper Plate or piece of cardboard

Separate the colors {Red, Green, Blues, etc.} It keeps things organized, and its much easier way to pick the right color tones.  Then shell the colors you want. Use an exacto knife and make an incision in the paper jacket. If you don’t have an exacto knife use a small sharp knife.

Grab your canvas and a color and start!! Starting with a corner, its easier to build upon. If you want a watercolor look, start with a dark shade like navy blue and layer with a lighter shade of the same color. If you want a dramatic shade contrast add a little white at the end.

Tips and Tricks for Heating and Blowing 
You pretty much always want your heat level to be on hot, but high and medium speeds melt the wax in different ways. Medium speed is slightly more controlled and will allow you to thicken up a color by layering. High speed will give you a spray effect and is good to achieve the watercolor effect.  If you want to use a heat gun put it on low and about 75O degrees.


Crayola Crayon Melter, Crayon Melting Art, Gift fo...

Crayola Crayon Melter Crayon Melting Art Gift for Kids Ages 8 9 10 11


  1. Inside the box: Crayon Melter Unit, Storage Base, Power Adapter, 8 Crayons, 3 Cardstock Sheets, 1 Wrapper Ripper & Instructions.
  2. Winner of Parents Best Toy Awards 2018!
  3. Introducing a new way to create with heated melted wax! Now you can color and doodle with melted crayons on a variety of surfaces.
  4. Unique dimensional, textured laydown creates the perfect medium to embellish surfaces.
  5. The low-heat tip and safe quick-dry technology makes the Crayon Melter a great tool for kids, as well as adults.
  6. Great for crayon melted art, gift making, card making, and DIY crafts.
  7. Works best on thicker paper such as thick construction paper, poster board, foam core, and great for decorating on cardboard, glass, wood, ceramics, and art canvases.
  8. Use unwrapped Crayola regular, washable, or metallic crayon pieces, as other Crayon types and brands may affect performance.
  9. Gift for kids, 8 & up.

Crayola Meltdown Art Set...

Crayola Meltdown Art Set


  1. 2 white canvas panels, 1 black canvas panel, 24 Crayola crayons, Crayola Washable Pearl FX Paint Pot Strip, paintbrush, and double-sided foam tape.
  2. A complete kit for making colorful melted crayon art
  3. Use a hairdryer (not included) to melt crayons onto canvas
  4. Supplies included for three melted crayon projects
  5. For kids ages eight and up
  6. Complete craft solution to popular crayon activity(Hairdryer not included)
  7. Smaller canvases allows for quicker results and the box serves as a "drip tray" to contain wax that melts off the canvas
  8. Crayola offers the first kid & mom friendly solution that includes everything needed to make colorful melted crayon masterpieces

Crayola Inspiration Art Case In Pink...

Crayola Inspiration Art Case In Pink


  1. Coloring supplies: features 64 crayon, 20 short colored pencils, 20 Pip-Squeak washable markers, 20 fine tip washable markers, and 15 large sheets of drawing paper, all conveniently stored in a stunning graphic travel case.
  2. Pink art case: encourage kids to keep their art supplies organized and protected in this portable art case.
  3. Creative projects: whether you're creating a landscape masterpiece or decorating t-shirts with your girl scouts Troop, Crayola has the markers, pens, kids markers, paints, colored pencils & crayons you need to make your project pop in Bold, bright colors.
  4. Gift for kids: inspire creativity and encourage self-expression with over 100 art supplies for coloring, drawing, and crafting.
  5. Safe and nontoxic: crayons, colored pencils, and markers for kids, ages 4 & up!

Crayola Ultimate Crayon Collection, 152 Pieces, Co...

Crayola Ultimate Crayon Collection 152 Pieces Coloring Supplies Styles May Vary Gift


  1. CRAYOLA CRAYON SET: 152 classic crayons in a durable Crayon Storage Caddy.
  2. DOUBLE WRAPPED & DURABLE: These kids' art tools are double wrapped for extra strength.
  3. GLITTER & METALLIC CRAYONS: 152 different colors including glitter and metallic colors.
  4. COLORING BOOKS & ART PROJECTS: These are the perfect art tools for arts, crafts and creative fun.
  5. PORTABLE ART SUPPLIES: Take this bulk crayon collection with you wherever you go. Colors are easily visible in this unique crayon storage caddy.
  6. SAFE AND NONTOXIC: Gift for kids, 3 & up.

Crayola 140 Count Art Set, Rainbow Inspiration Art...

Crayola 140 Count Art Set Rainbow Inspiration Art Case Portable Art amp Coloring Supplies Gifts for Kids Age 4 5 6


  1. Coloring supplies: features 64 Crayola crayons, 40 washable markers, 1 rainbow art storage case, 20 short colored pencils, and 15 large paper sheets.
  2. Art case: encourage kids to keep their art supplies organized and protected in this portable art case.
  3. Gift for kids: inspire creativity and encourage self-expression with over 100 art supplies for coloring, drawing, and crafting.
  4. Safe and nontoxic: crayons, colored pencils, and markers for kids, ages 4 & up!

Crayola; Crayon Factory; Art Tool; Electronic; Mel...

Crayola Crayon Factory Art Tool Electronic Melt and Mold Crayon Bits into Custom Creations


  1. Watch crayon bits transform into custom creations!
  2. This colorful art activity is easy to use-simply mix, melt and mold to make a crayon car, heart or puppy for playing or doodling.
  3. Use the included crayons or recycle your old Crayola crayon bits.
  4. Electronic unit comes with power adapter and auto shut off after 10 minutes.
  5. Includes Crayon Factory unit, Power Adapter, 8 Crayons, 3 Molds, Crayon Wrapper Ripper and Instructions.

Art 101 142-Piece Wood Art Set...

Art 101 142Piece Wood Art Set


  1. Deluxe wood case with removal drawer to conveniently store art supplies
  2. 3 types of drawing and painting mediums including pencils, crayons pastels and watercolor painting
  3. Sturdy protective wood case to keep supplies organized
  4. Unlock the inner artist within
  5. Complete art set for hours of satisfying and creative fun

Honeysticks 100% Pure Beeswax Crayons Natural, Saf...

Honeysticks 100% Pure Beeswax Crayons Natural Safe for Toddlers Kids and Children Handmade in New Zealand For 1 Year Plus 12 Pack


  1. NATURAL NON TOXIC GOODNESS - Honeysticks beeswax crayons are handmade using 100% pure New Zealand beeswax and Food Grade Pigments for Color. They are safe for infants, kids and children of all ages. Contains no paraffin wax or cheap fillers.
  2. DURABLE & ERGONOMIC SHAPE - The unique chubby shape of Honeysticks makes them easier for small hands to hold, but much harder for small hands to break! Honeysticks have been "tested in preschools and the kids have tried to break them but they just can't. Plus they love the smell!" Each crayon is 55mm long and 20mm diameter.
  3. SUSTAINABLE & LOW IMPACT - The beeswax used to create Honeysticks is a natural by-product of honey production. This sustainable process causes minimal impact on the environment and gives the crayons a wonderful honey scent.
  4. 12 EXCITING COLORS - Let your little ones express their inner artist with a stunning range of twelve eye catching, crayon colors. Crayon material easily bonds to the paper, poster or artboard. Free Coloring Book PDF Download with Purchase
  5. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - If you're not 100% happy with your 12 Pack of natural beeswax crayons and their delightful New Zealand honey scent, simply return them for a no questions asked full refund. No risk, no fuss! The more Honeysticks you buy the more you save.

Crayola Classpack Assortment, School Supplies, 16 ...

Crayola Classpack Assortment School Supplies 16 Different Colors 50 Each 800 Regular Size Crayons


  1. Crayola Classpack crayons: features 800 Crayola crayons in 16 assorted colors.
  2. Crayola colors: This art set has 50 crayons in each color, including yellow, blue Violet, blue, blue Green, carnation pink, red violet, green, brown, yellow orange, red orange, yellow green, red, black, orange, White, and violet.
  3. Organized storage: crayons are separated into individual sections by color in the organized storage box.
  4. School supplies: Crayola crayons in Bulk are great for teachers as classroom supplies.
  5. Safe and nontoxic: ideal for kids, ages 5 & up.

Crayola Pixel Art, Crayon Melter Expansion, Gift f...

Crayola Pixel Art Crayon Melter Expansion Gift for Kids 8 9 10 11


  1. Crayon melter activity set: Includes 2 pre-printed 8x10 canvas boards, 16 unwrapped crayon, and 1 Pixelism art guide.
  2. Step-by-step pixel art tutorials: jump right into pixelated art with unwrapped crayon and a helpful guide to get you started.
  3. Crayon melter: the crayon melter (sold separately) makes it easy to create melted crayon art on a variety of surfaces.
  4. Craft kit: The craft supplies in this set are great for kids and adults of all experience levels.
  5. Safe & nontoxic: this art set is great for adults and kids, ages 8 & up.

Crayola Despicable Me Inspiration Art Case, 120 Pi...

Crayola Despicable Me Inspiration Art Case 120 Pieces Minions Art Set Ages 6 7 8 9 10


  1. Despicable Me Art Kit Includes:64 Crayons, 12 Short Colored Pencils, 16 Super Tips Washable Markers, 18 Pip Squeaks Washable Markers, 15 Coloring Pages
  2. Durable art case for travel and storage
  3. Over 120 Art Supplies offer versatility and a variety of mediums
  4. Includes 20 pages of blank drawing paper
  5. A great all-in-one gift for birthdays or holidays

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