FUN and engaging FREEBIES with an apple theme

 Get ready for some Aa ideas and freebies all about apples!
I just posted some FUN and engaging FREEBIES with an apple theme!

This TONS of PRINTABLE and PLAYABLE activities you can get for your classroom.

Here is a look at the Aa and Oo sorting sheet.

And this fun handwriting practice.

We also take these ABC apples to order our letters A-Z. This is just a smart game to play on a regular basis in a prek or kindergarten room. This reviews all the letters and sounds, if you choose, in one game!

There are also 3 sets of phonics sheets with directions.
You can use these to help teach increase your phonics instruction.

This is one side or a two sided phonics sheet.

Here is a great apple juice themed activity. There is a short a cup of apple juice with an apple on it. There is also a long a apple juice cup with an acorn on it. Students put the apple slices into the correct sound cup.

If you need a recording sheet or follow up activity, there is a sorting sound printable for long and short A you can use.

 And of course I have a great freebie for you!

Here is an apple themed ten frame printable.
Students can color in the ten frame to make it match the number given.
You can also have your students take to colors and make an addition problem with the number given to be the solution. For example, if 9 is given, students may  color in 2 spots of the ten frame with red and 7 spots of the ten frame.

There are also apple themed writing mats! These are a fun way to get your students writing numbers with a themed background. I don’t know about you, but I know that I have to keep my little learners writing their numbers ALL the time.

Here is a look at just one of the handwriting mats.

Now take a peek at this fun counting apples printable. I love to use as a counting and number writing formation assessment.

You can click here to grab this ten frame freebie printable.

Download free PDF


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