How To Wear Doc Martens

Doc Martens sometimes called Dr. Martens I should say is the most comfortable footwear of all seasons which can be worn during summer, winter and autumn. Dr. Martens / Doc Martens boots, shoes and sandals are one of the most respected and well known icons in the world. Dr. Martens Boots are durable, comfortable and of high class among all footwear’s across the globe. Doc Martens were designed with a water proof and air-cushioned sole making them convenient to be worn during rainy seasons. Dr. Martens’s trademark look and quality construction has been recognized globally since 1960.

Therefore, if you want to learn how Dr. Martens came to be and how it has made its mark for over five decades better read this article till the end. In this article will share with you brief info about Doc Martens Boots, Shoes and Sandals, what to wear with Doc Martens and how to wear Doc Martens for a trendy and spectacular outfit.


You can wear doc marten with skinny jeans, Khaki pants, short skirts, mini dresses and shorts. Clothes like maxi or long skirts and maxi dresses are a complete NO with doc marten coz they make you and the outfit looks archaic. Skinny jeans and denim shorts are the best bottom wears to pair with Doc Martens. You can choose tops with neutral or dull colors to match with these skinny jeans and shorts.

Since doc marten are in different color, you can choose the color which matches your attire. For instance, you can go for a navy blue skinny jean or denim short and pair it with brown Doc Martens. Complement the attire with tops of neutral colors like white, grey or cream that will definitely match with the outfit. Since this is a casual outfit, don’t mind too much on the makeup and accessories. Dark shades will be enough to flatter the trend. How To Wear Doc Martens


Doc Martens are a complete match with pants and shorts. If you wear doc marten with maxi/long skirts or maxi dresses, you will definitely look outdated. Therefore if you have a pair or pairs of doc marten, preserve them when you will be wearing pants, skinny jeans, miniskirts, mini-dresses and shorts. Quite frankly, I have one pair of brown Doc Martens which I wear on weekends when going for shopping with my denim short and sometimes in the evening with Khaki pants.

Well some ladies my prefer wearing Doc Martens with leggings or Jeggings. This will be fine, as long as the fabrics from which the leggings or Jeggings are made from are thick and strong. Thin leggings will cling on tightly your buttocks exposing the curves in your buttocks making you look heavier. My advice would be; if you are to go for thin leggings pair them with a tunic or a short dress which covers your buttocks.

For an elegant outfit, the color of the doc marten should complement either the leggings or the top you paired with the attire. For instance, you can go for yellow doc marten and then pair them with a yellow tunic or you can opt for black Doc Martens and pair them with black leggings.

How To Wear Doc Martens


The most convenient outfit with Doc Martens for women is pairing Dr. Martens Boots with skinny jeans. Women look great in skinny jeans teamed with Doc Martens. You can wear Doc Martens with skinny jeans and team the trend with a nice top.

For instance, choose a nice pair of skinny jeans (cream or whitish in color).  Pair the skinny jean with a top of a dull color or with a floral top. Team the attire with brown or reddish Doc Martens/ Dr. Martens Boots. Since this is more of a casual outfit, don’t tuck in the top and don’t mind about the accessories. Finish the attire with a matching scarf and shades. You can wear like this when going out for drink at the cafe.

How To Wear Doc Martens

Navy blue skinny jeans are the trendiest jeans worn by women. You can wear doc marten with a navy blue skinny jean and pair the attire with a top of neutral color like white or grey. In this outfit choose a nice pair of navy blue skinny jean, pair the attire with a grey or white top like a tee. Since white and grey are neutral colors, they will definitely match with navy blue. Complementing the attire with shades, simple necklace and a few armlets will add style to the trend. Carry a leather jacket with you just in case it gets chilly along the day. Finish the attire with brownish or reddish Doc Martens. You can wear like this to work on Friday and on weekends.

How To Wear Doc Martens


Another type of pants that I love are the Khaki Pants. Just like skinny jeans, khaki pants are also a trendy summer wear for stylish ladies. I wear my khaki pants with floral tops in summer when going to work on Friday and sometimes on weekends. When it comes to footwear to pair with khaki pants, boots are the best. Boots like combat boots, ankle boots will definitely make the trend look spectacular.

However, Doc Martens/ Dr. Martens Boots are also good footwear to wear with khaki pants. Women can wear khaki pants with Doc Martens. Team the attire with fitted floral tops that will match with the trends. Adding a scarf to the trend will complement the floral top and keep your neck region warm. Finish the outfit with dark shades and a nice women’s watch. Wow with this, I should say it’s my favorite outfit with Doc Martens. It can be worn to work on Friday or to any casual happenings. Just look at how spectacular Jessica Alba is! Get some fashion tips from her to create your own style with Doc Martens.

How To Wear Doc Martens


Confident ladies with nice legs and thighs will opt for this outfit. If you aren’t sure how you look in shorts, I would advise you to opt for other outfits with Doc Martens. Now if you are a confident lady gifted with nice lags like Jessica Alba and many others you inclusive, you can wear doc marten with denim shorts. Pair the trend with tops of neutral colors like white or grey. Don’t tuck-in the top, this is a casual outfit therefore there is no need to do that. Complement the trend with a nice simple necklace and a few armlets.  Finish the trend with black Doc Martens and you will be good to go for your evening walk or shopping on weekends.

If you have a floral top, it can work as well. In this case you have to finish the attire with reddish or brownish doc marten that will flatter and complement the patterns in the floral top.


These days‚Äô women have this weird obsession about leggings and Jeggings. Leggings are among the trendiest wear for stylish ladies across the globe. Women can wear doc marten with thick leggings and Jeggings made from strong and thick fabrics. Thin leggings will ‚Äúcling on tight‚ÄĚ your buttocks and sometimes may expose your ‚Äúgoods‚ÄĚ. Team the attire with a nice top preferably a white tee that will definitely match with any color of the legging or Jeggings being worn. Black¬†Doc Martens/¬†Dr. Martens Boots¬†will be the best footwear for this outfit coz black matches with and complements white. Finish the trend with a few accessories and you will be good to go.

How To Wear Doc Martens


Well if you decide to go dressy, I would recommend opting for mini dresses of length 4-6inchs above the knee. Maxi dresses are a complete No with Doc Martens. They make you and the attire look outdated. Short or mini dresses will make you look sexy and chic. Complementing the attire with a jacket or blazer will add style to the outfit. If you are to wear black Doc Martens, complement the attire with a black blazer or jacket and if you are to wear brownish or reddish Doc Martens, complement the attire with a matching brownish jacket. What occasion or event do you think this outfit is suited for?

How To Wear Doc Martens


I was looking for an outfit that ladies can wear with Doc Martens to office on working days. When I saw this young lady dressed in Doc Martens, I knew that you can wear Doc Martens to office on non-casual days.

Choose a nice floral skirt or any other color skirt of reasonable length (slightly above the knee). Pair the skirt with a nice trimmed tunic. Black or white can do since they are neutral colors that will match with almost anything. Now complement the whole trend with reddish Doc Martens that will flatter and match with the floral skirt. Complementing the attire with a clutch bag of the same color like the top will add style to the trend. Finish the outfit with dark sunglasses and a few accessories. You can dress like this to work on Wednesdays or Thursdays.

How To Wear Doc Martens


How To Wear Doc Martens How To Wear Doc Martens


Would you wear Doc Martens/ Dr. Martens Boots for an official or a casual outfit?

We would like to know your opinions on this trend! Do you think Doc Martens/ Dr. Martens Boots are stylish footwear for women and men? Would you wear them with feminine accessories or rock them for a stylish look?

Do you think¬†Doc Martens/ Dr. Martens Boots¬†will be in style for a long time or go ‚Äúout‚ÄĚ soon?