Flannel Rag Quilt

probably many needlewomen be interested in this workshop. After all, it is a question of how out of old denim things can make a beautiful cover. It is only necessary desire and patience, because the work has to be painstaking. Size bedspread – 150×210 cm, weight – 2,4 kg.

To work it is necessary:

  • sewing machine
  • nippers
  • scissors
  • brush
  • 352 squares of 12 × 12 cm denim
  • 352 squares of 12 × 12 cm Lining

The squares can be cut out of any part of denim items, but not cost to use the area “mezhdunozhya” and frayed knees.
Take the prepared squares of denim and fabric lining and fold so that the purl side squares “met”.

Thoroughly combine all parties.

We combine four squares, as shown in the following image.

Then sew them on the sewing machine, stepping back from the edge of 1.5 cm.

Crosslinked harvesting should look like from the front.

And so from the inside.

Then sew a double blank in quarter-harvesting, etc.

Stitched seams covered dissecting forceps 1,5 cm. By doing such an operation must be careful not to damage the line. And the joints in the corners of the squares of the carving and throw away.

The seam should look like in the photo.

With the help of the brush start combing every seam covered. For this phase of work is necessary to accommodate comfortably, since it takes a considerable amount of time. You can sit on the floor, it is best when the surface will be laid out to make it easier to collect the remnants of thread after the work done.

After painstaking work covered seams will look like in the photos, they become fluffy.

In order to further fluff seams cover can be washed in the machine the machine at high speed with an extra spin.

The veil of the old denim things done, appreciation for the master class stranamasterov.ru.


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