Short Hair Styles for Thick Hair – Short Hair Styles For Women

Short hairstyles for thick hair come in a wide range.Often it is hard to find not only realistic, but also fashionable short hair styles for thick hair. Short hair is totally in this season and has taken the fashion world by storm. Think Halle Berry or Rihanna and the first thing that you are reminded of is the beautiful short, chic hairdo that is sported by these beauties. If you have thick lustrous hair, you may think a million times before chopping them off. However, choosing the right hairstyle to suit you mean that you are giving up those lovely tresses for a good reason. So if you are thinking of a brand new avatar this season, you should definitely think of the bold and classy look that short hair provides.

The trendiest short hairstyle has got to be the pixie hairdo. This is one of the best short hairstyles for thick hair that is wavy by nature. This hairdo is great for women with oval faces and a heart shaped hairline. However, if your face is round and you really love this style, all you need to do is tell your hair dresser to retain maximum hair volume and it will work perfectly. Ladies who have a long face should stay away from the pixie as this is a style that can actually add length. The pixie is, without a doubt, one of the most chic short hairdos for thick hair. Popularized by Audrey Hepburn, the legacy of the pixie has been carried forth by ladies like Halle Berry.
For those who prefer classic chic, the bob is the eternal favorite. It is such a flexible hairdo that can be messed up or even combed in to suit your look. These days, the bob has become edgier with the addition of stylish bangs that look quite feminine. Who should sport a bob? Well, almost anyone can. It looks best on ladies with a sharp jaw line complimented by a slender neck. This style works really well with thick hair because you can try layering your hair to adjust the volume of your hair. For those with a slightly round face keeping the bob slightly longer works a lot better. A bob cut that is anywhere between the mid-neck to the shoulder in length is called the Demi-bob and is considered one of the best short hairstyles for thick hair.


If you are adventurous, you can try the uber cool ‘fauxhawk’ hairdo. This is exclusively for those who have thick hair. However, you need a lot of attitude to carry this one off. Star choreographer Sonya Tayeh once sported this look with bright red hair and looked stunning! This hairdo requires you to shave off the sides of your hair and only retain a teased and puffy hairdo on the top. With a funky designer, you can even choose to color your hair in wacky hues to make the look bolder. This look is only meant for the brave hearts and is sometimes referred to as the Pompadour.



There are so many looks that you can experiment with but the best short hairstyle for thick hair is really determined by how comfortable you are with the final outcome. “To each his own” is how the fashion world works.


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Short Hair Styles for Thick Hair – Short Hair Styles For Women