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Our summer has not been super warm yet, but the kiddos don’t seem to mind.  They have been splashing in the pool and loving being at the lake.  Today they really wanted to run through the sprinkler, but when we pulled it out it was broken.  Boo!  I have seen some wonderful sprinklers made out of PVC pipe on Pinterest that I would love to make with the kids.  However, we needed a quick simple option for today.  With a few simple steps, you can Build Your Own Sprinkler too.


  • Sturdy Plastic Bottle ~ from our recycling bin
  • Tyvek Tape
  • Drill
  • Garden Hose that you can tape to.

We attached the garden hose to the bottle with Tyvek tape.  I’m sure most any waterproof tape would work.  Then the kids drilled a number of holes in the top and sides of the bottle.  Depending on how you want your sprinkler to shoot, will depend on where you place the holes.  The kids wanted water spurting everywhere so choose to drill holes in all directions.

It was so simple to make.  I love that Kaleb is so great with power tools.  He spends a lot of time helping his Dad build and was super excited to show Chuck what he created.  So cute!

The kids sprinkler worked great! My favorite part is that we didn’t need to spend money on a new one and the kids had the fun of creating their own.  I was surprised at how easy it was and that it only took the kids a few minutes to build.

The kids loved running and playing in it.



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