Beautiful Zentangle patterns

Ceremonial: Since the process of Zentangle includes some specific steps and patterns it has a feel of a ceremony that follows a certain number of steps. You will find that this can be pleasing and even calming.

By now you would have gathered that Zentangle transcends mere art and is something that can be considered therapeutically. As life is now, we all need the crutch of therapy that is not chemical in nature. It also forms the basis of warm up for artists who feel that they have lost their core skills in their area of art.

If you have mastered the first few steps to drawing and art, then you can probably draw anything you feel like. It may take some time and loads of practice but it will happen. It is only then will you feel driven to do something as pretty and detailed as stunning ballerina drawings and sketches. The beauty of taking on step by step easy to draw images by the Zentangle method is that it increases focus and creativity. You start feeling good about yourself and people from all walks of life can learn to do this.

Here Are Some Of The Benefits Or Merits Of Zentangle:

Intuitive and instinctual: This is probably the best characteristic of Zentangle is that one can create awesome images with repeated steps with intuition taking over at one point and helping you create something all your own.

Relaxing and fun: With the levels of stress in our lives taking on a high point, it is important that we find outlets for our stress by resorting to creative activities. Since you do not have too many costs or restrictions in this kind of art, you will find that anyone can take it up.

Results that you do not expect: When we take up drawing of something we go with an expectation but the fun part of Zentangle is when your drawings take on a result that you never expected.

Timeless and eternal: Art in itself is timeless and Zentangle is more so since it is basically manipulating your drawing instrument to create some form of art on a piece of paper.