How to paint letters onto burlap!

*Burlap (I used 2 yards to create this extra large banner)
*Freezer paper
*White acrylic paint (I used Martha Stewart’s satin finish craft paint in Wedding Cake)
*Coffee filters
*Pom pom decorator trim
*Sewing machine & hot glue

To create the pennants, I started with natural burlap from the fabric store (about 2 yards) and¬†cut it¬†into pieces about 10″ wide by 13″ long. But be sure to measure your space first to see how long the finished banner needs to be, then calculate the width of your pennants. To make the “v” in the center, I folded the pennant in half and cut on a diagonal toward the center (make one and use it as a template for the rest of your pennants).
I cut my templates out of freezer paper using my Silhouette machine, but you could also print them on the freezer paper and cut them out with an Exacto knife. But sure to print/cut with the non-shiny side as your front.
With an iron on a low setting, iron the freezer paper in place–just a quick pass with the iron will be sufficient.
How to paint letters onto burlap!
Then use a roller brush to paint your letters with acrylic paint. I like¬†Martha Stewart’s¬†rolling sponge brush and¬†Wedding Cake craft paint¬†in satin finish. (Yes, I realize there is no paint being used in this picture–I forgot to take a picture when I was making the banner and by this time my paint was all packed!) Carefully peel the freezer paper stencil off the burlap.