A small trellised planter perfect for patios and corner accents.


L-shaped trellis and planter box
L-shaped trellis and planter box.

Trellises support climbing plants such as beans and peas, flowering vines and tomatoes. A well-placed trellis increases growing space and improves access to light and air circulation. Fruits and vegetables on trellises are easier to reach and less vulnerable to pests and diseases.

Garden trellises assemble in panels that attach securely to the tops of planters, along fences, or the sides of houses. Trellises can be used as free-standing privacy screens and garden patio dividers. The flexible panel design allows for an endless variety of shapes and sizes.

Compared with most wood trellises, our trellises are exceptionally durable. The trellis panels are well-constructed from very strong cedar that will last for years, supporting heavy vines, fruits and vegetables.

Trellises can be moved from one planter to another, or taken down and stored with the season.

L-Shaped Planter with Trellis
Garden trellises are available to fit any size planter.

Basic trellises are available in framed and unframed panels that can be used alone or in combination to make endless shapes. A-frame trellises offer tool-free installation and great flexibilty to support everything from tall pole beans, to sprawling cucumbers, heavy melons and squash.


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A small trellised planter perfect for patios and corner accents.



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