Gift Exchange Game


A gift exchange game perfect for any party! From birthday parties to family reunions and everything in between, Gift Exchange Fun will have your guests rolling with laugher as they trade gifts with their fellow party goers! Note: This game is to be played with every participant receiving a small gift. Be sure to have your guests either bring a gift to exchange or provide small gifts for those in attendance.

Rules of Play

Ask guests to each bring a wrapped gift to the party. It’s up to you to set a limit on price. There are 45 description slips included. For more players and to have several rounds of play, just print extra slips to cut and pass out. Gather all players in a circle, each holding a wrapped gift. Each player picks a slip. Choose a player to start off the game. That player opens their gift and then reads their slip aloud and chooses someone who matches the description on their slip. They swap gifts with that player, who in turn will then read their slip and do the same. Play continues until all players have read their slips….then it’s time to open gifts!


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