12 plants That Dont Need Sunlight bathroom ideas

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Hydrogel Crystal Soil

Hydrogel Crystal Soil -   12 plants That Dont Need Sunlight bathroom ideas
For the first time ever increase your plants quality and length of life without the maintenance. Crystal Soil is made of a hydrogel that expands on contact with water. Once it has absorbed the water it holds it longer than soil and delivers it straight to the roots. Crystal Soil is reusable, once they start shrinking or become depleted of water, simply just add more water! There are plants that grow without sunlight, they need indirect exposure, some even thrive in fluorescent light and here in this article we’ve listed Best Plants to Grow Indoors. Also Read: Aloe Plant Care http://balconygardenweb.com/how-to-care-for-an-aloe-plant/ 1. Dracaena Dracaena is a beautiful houseplant which you can grow at home. There are about 50 species of it. It’s really an easy to grow plant. 2. Bromeliads Bromeliad is a perfect plant to grow indoors, most of the va