14 diy projects For Kids slime ideas

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Glitter Slime ✨

Glitter Slime ✨An Easy Glitter Slime Recipe! Borax powder free. #bestideasforkids An easy glitter slime recipe made with contact solution. This glitter slime is really easy to make! Tips included for the type of glitter and glue to use.



Slime, Gak & Goop...

Slime Gak amp Goop


  1. CQ Products slime, gak and goop book
  2. CQ Products slime, gak and goop book- make perfect slime every time
  3. Discover secret formulas for successful slime-making so you'll never deal with a slime flop again
  4. With just a few simple ingredients, a colorful variety of slimy, bouncy, popping and oozing mixtures can be concocted for hours of entertainment
  5. Slime oozes between your fingers, yet doesn't stick to your skin

The Slime Book: All You Need to Know to Make the P...

The Slime Book: All You Need to Know to Make the Perfect Slime


  1. Book filled with recipes for making all types of slime
  2. Encourages logic, exploration, experimentation, an interest in science
  3. A gross and gooey educational adventure!
  4. Simple step-by-step instructions, vibrant photographs are easy to follow
  5. Features fun tips, scientific facts, creative ideas, and more

The Slime Workshop: 20 DIY Projects to Make Awesom...

The Slime Workshop: 20 DIY Projects to Make Awesome Slimes_All Borax Free


  1. Lark the slime workshop book
  2. Lark the slime workshop book- 20 diy projects to make awesome slimes
  3. Whip up 20 borax-free slime recipes with different textures, cool colors, and special effects
  4. Follow the step-by-step instructions for slime to squish, stretch, poke, and play with, including glow-in-the-dark slime, fluffy slime, fishbowl slime, unicorn slime, and more
  5. A full-color guide outlines the essential equipment and ingredients, the science of slime, tips on how to safely make and play with slime, and advice for preserving your creations and troubleshooting common problems

Slime Geek DIY Slime Kit -How to make slime , Make...

Slime Geek DIY Slime Kit How to make slime  Make GlowInThe Dark Clear and Glitter Slime  Comes With Airtight Containers for Slime Storage  Comes with Recipes and Bonus EBook


  1. BONUS ITEM: You will receive a bonus recipe with instructions on how to make slime with your order as well as an E-book entitled "The Science of Slime". The E-book will give you a full rundown on the history of slimes, as well as how to experiment even further with your slime kit. Great educational bonus for science lovers.
  2. INCLUDES: 2 Elmer's School Glue, 1 Elmer's Washable Clear Glue, 4 Different Color Neon Paint, Foam Beads, Glow Powder, 2 Glitter, Stir Sticks, 4 Containers, 1 Oz of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda, 3 Oz of Diversify Detergent, 3 Oz of Carolina Saline Solution
  3. TERRIFIC GIFT IDEA: Looking for that perfect something to please a picky child? Look no further- the Slime Geek DIY Kit is guaranteed to bring an ear-to-ear smile on their face! Not only does this set provide a fun, all-day-long activity that immerses kids in quality sensory play, they'll be able to store their slime masterpieces and play with them over and over again! Perfect for birthdays, Christmas, or just because.
  4. AIR TIGHT STORAGE: All ingredients come sealed in air tight containers for soil free mess. Also included are 2 spare containers to store your slime once done.
  5. HAVE FUN AND BE CREATIVE: The experiments are limitless. Use your imagination to make the best slime ever.

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