gingerbread felt ornaments


These are easy and fun to make. Basically, you and your kids just cut Christmas shapes out of colored felt. The felt is available at any craft store. Cut every shape in pairs. Sew the two together and leave part open so that you can stuff the ornament to give it more dimension. That’s it. The fun really starts when you ad on the extras and come up with ways to make your felt ornament unique. For example, when you make a Christmas tree shape, sew on buttons to represent ornaments.

You’ll need:

1 sheet of a brownish-colored felt (makes 2 ornaments)
1 spool of 1/4″ thick ribbon in whatever color you’d like
2 4×6″ index cards
a needle and thread
a small tube of superglue

1. To begin, cut your felt sheet into fourths. You’ll use 2 per ornament.

2. Next, draw the outline of a gingerbread man to use as a pattern on one of your index cards and cut it out.

3. Trace the pattern onto one of your sheets of felt.

4. Stacking 2 pieces of felt on one another, cut out your gingerbread shape.

5. Now take your index card pattern again and trace it onto the other card. Inside your traced lines, draw another outline about 1/4″ in.

You’ll have a skinnier gingerbread man outline. Cut on the lines for the skinny outline.

5. Begin sewing the 2 pieces together, but before you get too far, insert the skinny pattern in between the two felt pieces. This will make your ornament a bit more sturdy-feeling.

Continue to sew all the way around the gingerbread man.

6. When you’re done, and tie off your thread you have an almost-done gingerbread man!


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