15 diy clothes design creative ideas

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Creative Scarf DIYs! 😍

Creative Scarf DIYs! 😍 -   15 diy clothes design creative ideas

Update a scarf into a lux halter top with this quick under 5 minute tutorial. You can do the “no sew” knotted option (white dress form) or sewn (black dress form). Supplies: -Scarf (mine measured 26″ x 26″) -Chain or trim. With wrong side up, fold the bottom in an accordion like sections to just about half way point. Press the fold into place. You can add some stitching on the bottom here if you’d like. I used my decorative stitching from my Brother Machine. Cut chain to fit around your neck and use a clasp with pliers to secure it. Unless you have a chain necklace you can use. Trim will work fine as well and you can tie a bow in the back. At this point you can stitch the collar line around the chain or knot it around shown down below. Knot around the chain and pull tight to secure. And that’s it, I like to wear this with a jacket and a thick gold chain.

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15 diy clothes design creative ideas