How to Plant Hostas in a Pot

How to Plant Hostas in a Pot

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How to Plant Container Hostas

  1. Select a container 3 inches larger in diameter than the current root size of the hosta or plant in a container large enough for the hosta once it reaches its mature size in two to three years. Containers must feature at least one bottom drainage hole.
  2. Combine a slow-release fertilizer with a soilless potting mixture, such as a peat-based potting soil. Use the amount of fertilizer recommended on the package for the container size.
  3. Fill the container one-third full with the prepared potting mix. Set the hosta roots in the container. Adjust the depth so the top of the root ball sets about 2 inches beneath the container rim. Fill in around the roots with soil until the hosta is planted at the same depth it was growing at previously.
  4. Set the container in an area that receives full shade or partial morning and full afternoon shade. Water the hosta when the top inch of soil feels dry or about once every one to two days.
  5. Fertilize the potted hosta once monthly, beginning about two months after planting. Apply a water-soluble balanced fertilizer at the package recommended rate through late summer. Resume fertilization when new growth begins the following spring.


  1. Hostas may require repotting if they outgrow their pot, especially if you plant smaller hostas in containers smaller than their expected mature size. Repot the hosta in spring just as new growth begins.
  2. Add geraniums and ivy.

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Hosta 'Bumper Crop Mix' (10 Pack) Plant Bareroots for Gardening - Mixed Colors for Shady Gardens, Professional Growers from Easy to Grow


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Hosta Mixed - 6 Perennial Bare Roots...

Hosta Mixed - 6 Perennial Bare Roots


  1. 6 Bare Root Perennial Hostas, ready to grow
  2. Will bloom summer through fall
  3. Hardy perennial - Perennial in zones 3 to 8
  4. Great shade plants
  5. Low maintenance perennial grows to about 18 inches and can spread between 32 to 36 inches

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Collections Etc Hosta Bushes Picks - Set of 3


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  3. Use them together or separately, in your pots or baskets, or stake them into the ground
  4. Pot not included| Use separately for smaller bouquets or all together for a bold and beautiful arrangement (as shown)| Polyester