17 diy Outdoor fireplace ideas

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Pima II – DIY Outdoor Fireplace Construction Plan

Pima II - DIY Outdoor Fireplace Construction Plan -   17 diy Outdoor fireplace ideas
If you love this fireplace and would love a DIY outdoor fireplace construction plan to build it, look no further. This is our Pima II design with a 48″ wide firebox for your raging fires, guaranteed to produce lots of heat. The structure height to the top of the chimney is approximately 7′ and this can be altered as well. This construction plan will guide you step by step as you build your fireplace using cinder blocks and mortar, and it will offer some ideas for finishing the structure. There are so many neat and gorgeous options and we know you’ll pick the perfect veneer. The overall footprint of this structure is 96″ wide (8′) and 48″ deep (front to back). We can’t dictate the concrete slab depth as there is no “one way” to construct that portion of the build. The plans do not include instructions for a concrete slab or the finish work. The materials cost for the rough build of this fireplace is approximately $610. That’s a LOT cheaper than having it built for you and it’s lots of fun to do yourself. Believe and you can do it. We know you can. Please look through the pictures to see what other amazing DIY customers have done with this same construction plan. The plans consist of 37 pages and they will not leave much to figure out. Thank you so much for considering us for your DIY needs. Please let us know if you have any questions.