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Crochet dragon pattern by NansyOops amigurumi artist

Crochet dragon pattern by NansyOops amigurumi artist -   17 knitting and crochet Projects crafts ideas
Crochet pattern DRAGON amigurumi pdf tutotial amigurumi dragon pattern by NansyOops fantasy animal miniature This is DOWNLOADABLE PATTERN, not the finished toy. Crochet level: intermediate and above. The pattern contains 25 pages of instructional material accompanied by 140 photos. Basic crochet skills are a prerequisite. The pattern is available in English ( US/UK terms). The final size will depend on the yarn you use. To get the smallest size (20 mm [0.8 inch]), use embroidery thread. Full version ENG – complete instructions including finishing and assembling + Printing essentials ENG – contains no finishing and assembling. To crochet this Dragon El’Ejin, you will need: • Embroidery floss in Main Color, skein separated (stripped) into individual strands. (I use Kirov Yarn Mills Mouline for Embrodeiry or DMC brand cotton embroidery floss). May be substituted with thin sewing thread. The thinner the thread, the smaller the dragon will turn out. • Embroidery floss in an additional color for the wings, scales, and tail. • A length of black sewing thread for the eyebrows and nostrils. • A length of white sewing thread for the white of the eye. • Rip-resistant thread for cinching. (I used sturdy sewing thread held double.) • Crochet hook 0.5 mm [US Steel Crochet Hook Size 18]. • Glass toy eyes diameter 2 mm [0.01 in]. (What to do if eyes in this size are not available? You can make your own from polymer clay and cover them with a glossy enamel finish, or use seed beads.) • Glue gel, “Moment” brand super glue. • Thin beading needle, diameter 0.45 mm [0.02 in]. • Sharp nail scissors. • Stuffing (polyester fiberfil). • A toothpick or broken felting needle – used to insert stuffing. • For blushing – oil pastel and toothpick. Pattern © 2019 Anastasia Kirsanova / nansyoops.