18 beauty Mask ideas

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Magnetic Charcoal Mask

Magnetic Charcoal Mask -   18 beauty Mask ideas

Smear this mineral rich Magnetic Charcoal Mask onto your skin and let it get to work as it pulls the impurities out of your skin. Use the magnet to deep suction all the dirt and mask from your skin – leaving you with fresh & dewy skin that feels softer, looks brighter and is so much healthier! – Softer, clearer & brighter skin – Great for getting rid of blackheads & acne – Cleanses & exfoliates – Deep cleans your pores – Suctions out impurities from your skin – Magnet helps you get rid of dirt without having to risk smearing bacteria across your face – Mineral rich mask that your skin will naturally absorb nutrients from Comes with a magnet, a spatula and your magnetic charcoal mask.

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