5 tips – then you decorate the bathroom

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There is a lot you can do with a bathroom to lace up the interior and get a nice whole. Here you can read about some tips.

Tip 1: Plan your bathroom to fit everything

Start by finding out how large the area you have in the bathroom. It is important to be sure in advance that you will fit in with everything. What do you prioritize and how much space do you have to work with? A clear advantage is if you have flexible pull-out drawers and plenty of storage space in the bathroom.

A smart action in a small bathroom is also to have retractable shower doors. This allows you to get more floor space when you are not standing and showering. If you have a freestanding bath, it is neat if you place it as centrally as possible in the bathroom. A built-in bathtub cannot be done so much.

If you take the wrong dimensions in the bathroom, you risk mounting a bathroom cabinet with drawers that cannot be pulled out the whole wall, or a door that does not open completely. Therefore, be careful when planning the bathroom so that you can fit your bathroom cabinet, towel rack, wall hook and other things. Mirrors make the bathroom feel bigger and choose the right lighting. With a dimmer you can get a cozy spa feel.

Tip 2: Selection of tiles and tiles

In a bathroom, like in any other room, the whole is important. It should look snug and feel inviting. Think about which tiles and tiles you want and how they fit together. Full white bathrooms are popular with clinker in gray shades and slightly darker colors. There are different sizes of tile and clinker and there are both narrow and thick joints. For everyone’s benefit, it is important to invest in non-slip tiles or put slippers in the bathtub or in the shower.

Tip 3: Important that you choose the right bathtub

Just as with the floor surface and the size of the bathroom, planning is also required when it comes to choosing a bathtub. The bathtub needs to fit in the bathroom and fill the correct function. Think about whether you want a built-in bathtub, free-standing bathtub, massage tub or whirlpool tub. Be careful when choosing materials because there are many different materials with both advantages and disadvantages. When you buy a bathtub, it is important that it is CE-marked, with anti-tip legs and ensure good guarantees. Remember that a bathtub that fills the correct function does not take up more space than necessary.

Then you find the right bathtub

Tip 4: Make it inviting and cozy

Then we come to interior details. In some cases, you can try to organize as a still life. It will be beautiful and inviting. Use scented candles, soap bottles and natural materials to give a rustic feel. Bet on soft towels and wood scrubber.

Tip 5: Keep moisture away with good ventilation

For many, it is self-evident that there should be good ventilation in the bathroom. Sometimes so obvious that you forget to find out if the ventilation is good enough. If you have good ventilation in the bathroom, you keep the moist air out of the house. It is important for the health that moisture and mold damage are not formed in the bathroom. Many add an electric fan high up on the wall. Hire a professional so that it is done professionally if you are the least uncertain.


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