Groom – Giving it up for the boys

Groom – Giving it up for the boys

Groom in…

Her day… you better believe it!  But we shouldn’t be leaving our guy out on his own, so we’re giving him a shout out with a few tips to make sure the men can get their style on too.

Work what you’ve got…

If you guys don’t already know, your ladies are SERIOUS about bringing it on the big day… This is their Superbowl! Don’t think for a second that they are not going to use every trick in the book.  When you see your one and only heading to that end zone at the altar, she intends to score a touchdown! ARE YOU READY???

Make Me Fabulous, one of our preferred  hair and make up crews, arrive locked and loaded for the bride and her entourage, at the crack of dawn on the wedding day.  Turns out, they can hook you and your boys up, too!


Go from looking homeless to being aisle eye candy!  In the same amount of time it takes to get a work out at the gym, you can get your style on, too.  Tame those eyebrows (without making you look like a Jersey Shore star), trim nose and ear hair for those close up shots, grab a little spray tan.  Taming the beast on your chest and back ensures high marks on the beach blanket bingo scorecard for the honeymoon. “Beauty is pain?” HA! You’ve got this!  Get a quick trim or a hot shave,  or take those hands and feet from rough to READY! Make Me Fabulous even has a package called “Simply for the Groom.” Your bride is going to have you drooling when she comes down that aisle.  No reason why your lady GAGA should not be all goo goo with the hunk of hotness at the finish line. Yea Boy!

Man Style…

You know your girl has her whole crew looking good, so at Renaissance we’ve got your back with a few bits and pieces to pimp you and your crew out.   Suburban Silk’s cufflinks will have you  killing it by working in her color scheme. Here are a few cool options that can be paired with bow ties or pocket squares.  Groom – Giving it up for the boys Christine Wheat, one of our fav wedding planners, has a whole bag of tricks that are just for the men. Christine says  “What groom doesn’t want to look smoking hot on his wedding day?” She did spill a few ideas like custom cigar kits, to help the guys blow off some steam after the I do’s are done, not to mention a great rat-pack photo op., or customized shaving kits (just in case they couldn’t muster the courage for man-scaping boot camp).

Groom – Giving it up for the boys Groom – Giving it up for the boys

Wanna go all out…Forget about your team’s logo, get one of your own! We’ll customize the front of these hats in stitching, and you can add any text on the back. These are great gifts at the rehearsal dinner for the groomsmen or whoever you have on your team.

Groom – Giving it up for the boys Groom – Giving it up for the boys Remember it takes two to TANGO, so have your A-Game on!