Silver & Red Christmas Tree Nails Tutorial

First apply your base color (with a basecoat underneath) and let it dry completely. If needed use a fastdrying topcoat to speed up the drying.
With more detailed designs, I usually recommend using a plain base color to keep the focus on the design, but because that typical, zigzag shape of a Christmas tree is so simple and easy to recognize, we can go for something bolder this time. How about a (duo)chrome, a holographic polish or a sparkly glitter? Or perhaps just a simple but elegant shimmer?

Cut off two regular tape strips which you’ll use in step 3, and four triangles for the rest in step 4. The way I cut the triangles is by first cutting a little piece of tape off the roll, which I then cut in half diagonally, like shown in the picture.

When the base color is entirely dry, place the two rectangular tape strips on your nail, forming a chevron shape.
Then one by one, place two triangle shaped tape strips on each side of the chevron, with the points towards the center of the Christmas tree to be.
When you feel like all the tape strips are in the right position, press them down firmly so that they stay put on the surface. Then apply your layering color with a thin but opaque coat…

…and carefully peel off all the pieces of tape right away. And there it is, your classic Christmas tree design! Seal your design with a layer of (glitter) topcoat and/or add a rhinestone tree topper as a finishing touch. Merry Christmas!