Diy – Photoshare Cards

We love taking pictures. I am usually the camera person for any event – i.e., I take pictures and people steal them. It was really hard for me not to be hold my good ol’ digital camera during the wedding, but I had to let it go.

Even though we couldn’t take pictures, we wanted to see ALL of our guest photos, so I made a very simple photoshare card that will be thrown into our “Thank Yous”. I was going to make it all fancy, but decided that I wanted simplicity to avoid confusion.


  • Microsoft Word Template
  • Plain white cardstock paper
  • Fiskars rotary cutter with straight blade

First, I designed it in trust Word. Simple, so no Paint Shop or Photoshop necessary. I downloaded the font called “Eurostile” for the Pictures word on the lefthand side of the card.

Diy – Photoshare Cards

Then, what was on my screen was printed on plain white cardstock.

Diy – Photoshare Cards Diy – Photoshare Cards Then, using the rotary cutter, I cut them out by columns and then rows. I didn’t worry about each one being the perfect same size, just that the lines were straight and parallel to the design.

Diy – Photoshare Cards Diy – Photoshare Cards

I just put one in each thank you card! Hopefully people will upload their pictures!