Face Paint Ideas

Butterfly Fairy Face Paint
Face Paint Ideas

Before you get started, read these tips from the pros:

  1. Start by avoiding oil-based face paints. They tend to smear, are harder to remove and clog pores. We like Snazaroo (found at crafts stores).
  2. Just dab a corner of a makeup sponge or soft-bristled brush in water and start painting.
  3. Finish the look with sparkle! Look for nontoxic, fabric-based glitter (found at fabric and crafts stores). To apply, dip the opposite tip of the paintbrush into water, dry off excess and dip into glitter. Roll the glitter onto the face.

Face Paint Ideas


1. With a brush, draw a black triangle above and below the left eye.

2. Draw red circles on each cheek. Mini-hat (discountdance.com)

Face Paint Ideas


1. Sponge blue face paint over the eyes and up onto the forehead.

2. With a brush, paint a white shell in the center of the forehead and scales (or “U” shapes) on the blue forehead. Outline in black paint.

3. Draw a black line on the eyelids and two black lines at the corner of each eye. Starfish hairpins (seasideimpressions.etsy.com)

Face Paint Ideas


1. Sponge white face paint around the eyes.

2. Sponge orange face paint over the cheekbones, nose and between the brows.

3. Use a paintbrush to draw tiger stripes on the forehead and cheeks. Paint a small black heart shape at the tip of the nose.

4. Outline the white paint with black paint. Lace cat ears (costumecraze.com)

Face Paint Ideas


1. Sponge green face paint over the eyes, nose, cheeks and top lip.

2. Paint white horns and fangs on brows, cheeks and mouth.

3. Paint tip of nose black and draw scales (or “U” shapes) on cheeks. Add a black line to both sides of nose.

4. Outline “V” shape between the eyes and horns in black.

5. Highlight with white paint.

Face Paint Ideas


1. Use a sponge to smear green face paint all over the face and body. (Tip: Don’t paint palms.)

2. Starting on each cheekbone, use a paintbrush to draw black lines toward each ear. Make vertical shadow lines from the lines on the cheeks.

3. Draw a line from the top of each nostril down to top of the laugh lines and another line under each eye.

4. Make “angry” eyebrows with a black sideways “S.” Jumping Beans Bermuda shorts (kohls.com)

Face Paint Ideas

Ziggy Stardust

1. With a paintbrush, draw an orange lightning bolt across the face, stretching from the left forehead, over the right eye, and to the right ear.

2. Highlight with purple and blue face paint.

Face Paint Ideas


1. With a paintbrush, draw a curved blue line on the forehead, making points over each eyebrow.

2. Draw a line down the cheeks and back under the eyes and over the nose. Use a sponge to color in.

3. Draw an outline around the face and eyes in black.

4. Make black “angry” eyebrows with a sideways “S” and add horizontal lines on each side of the nose.

Face Paint Ideas


1. Draw an outline of a pink crown on the forehead with a paintbrush. Use a sponge to fill in the crown with pink paint.

2. Draw a purple teardrop jewel in the center of the crown and three white teardrops between the eyes. Add a pink circle under each eye and a white starburst.

3. Outline crown, jewel, and teardrops in black. Add three black eyelashes beside each eye. Highlight the crown and jewels with touches of white.

Face Paint Ideas


1. Use a sponge to draw a band over the eyes from ear to ear with silver face paint.

2. Blend pink paint over each lid and toward the temples.

3. Draw a flower under one eye and add two black swirls. Stardust Fairy wings (chasing-fireflies.com)

Face Paint Ideas


1. Sponge orange face paint over the cheekbones and on each side of the neck.

2. Use a paintbrush to draw black lines to create fin-like designs over the orange paint.

3. Draw orange “scales” (or “U” shapes) on the forehead and chin. Outline with black.

4. Draw an orange heart on the lips and outline in black.