Celebrating 100 years of IBM

Celebrating 100 years of IBM

This wall housed real time data visualizations and processing of air particle matter Lincoln Center, New York City.

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My Notes - mobile client for IBM Notes...

My Notes  mobile client for IBM Notes


  1. EASY INSTALLATION – no server-side manipulations, no IT staff involved, no administrative rights needed. All you need is your computer with IBM Notes installed and your phone
  2. MULTIPLE PLATFORMS SUPPORTED – My Notes Desktop is available for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows computers
  3. IBM NOTES APPLICATIONS SUPPORTED – Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Domino Directories, Notebook. Other applications, such as Discussion/Forum, Documents Library, TeamRoom, are coming soon
  4. SECURITY – neither data nor passwords are stored on our servers. Data is strongly encrypted with AES and SSL when transmitted between your desktop and your phone;
  5. IBM NOTES SPECIFIC FEATURES – encrypted and signed messages support, follow-up flags, full-text search through all documents in databases, etc.

IBM Selectric II Typewriter Ribbon - NUKB86HY - Co...

IBM Selectric II Typewriter Ribbon  NUKB86HY  Correctable Film Ribbon for IBM Typewriters  SC783 Compatible


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Celebrating 100 years of IBM