Cruze with variations and example


The pattern “Cruze”

You start with “blocks” of 5 lines forming a diagonal. At first I tried very hard to get the lines to form a square block, but realized it really doesn’t matter if they are squares or rectangles, or whether each one is the same size as the next one. Once you get the flow of the curved lines connecting those blocks, it really isn’t hard. You go down one side (step 4) then turn and go back up the other side (step 5). On the last step you cap off the two ends.

I enjoyed playing around with this pattern, but got really excited about it when I created the following variation. If you place the blocks of lines in a skewed manner like shown below, you get a really interesting variation that has a lot of movement. The top section is unshaded and the bottom one is shaded.

On the following Zentangle I used the original pattern, but added a little bit of black fill, and really think it makes the pattern pop. I turned the picture 45 degrees to post it here because as I was looking at it I tilted my head and liked what I saw. It looks to me like a hanging basket of flowers.

Then I used the Cruze variation to design the following piece. I just LOVE the way this one turned out. This is definitely one of my favorite Zentangles ever.


Zentangle for Kids...

Zentangle for Kids


  1. Sterling Publishing-Zentangle For Kids
  2. Untangle kids creativity with this fun and inspiring book! The Zentangle method helps aspiring artists to create beautiful pictures and scenes through drawing abstract, structured patterns
  3. Author: Jane Marbaix
  4. Softcover, 96 pages
  5. Published Year: 2015

Zentangle Art Therapy...

Zentangle Art Therapy


  1. Guild Of Master Craftsman Books-Zentangle Art Therapy
  2. A wonderful introduction to those new to Zentangle and covers the tools required and the basic techniques to get started
  3. Simple patterns including baseline, fillers, ribbons and borders offer a foundation to explore more comples, three dimensional design and ways to further enhance the readers creations using shading and color
  4. The book is full of inspirational artwork to give the reader a taste of the endless possibilities
  5. Author: Anya Lothrop

The Art of Zentangle: 50 inspiring drawings, desig...

The Art of Zentangle: 50 inspiring drawings designs amp ideas for the meditative artist


  1. QUAYSIDE PUBLISHING-Walter Foster Creative Books: The Art Of Zentangle
  2. 50 inspiring drawings, designs and ideas for the meditative artist
  3. Welcome to The Art Of Zentangle! Whether you are an experienced tangler or are discovering this innovative art form for the first time, inspiration abounds in this guided exploration through the world of zengtangle
  4. After reviewing a few basic tools and materials, you'll embark on a creative journey unlike any other thanks to the inspired ideas of four talented teachers
  5. You'll learn to draw a range of basic tangles step by step

Zentangle Primer Vol 1...

Zentangle Primer Vol 1


  1. Instructional companion to The Book of Zentangle
  2. 187 Pages on topics such as: string theory, shading, fragments and reticula, tangleations, and more!
  3. 2 lessons
  4. 22 tangle step outs

The Zentangle Untangled Workbook: A Tangle-a-Day t...

The Zentangle Untangled Workbook: A TangleaDay to Draw Your Stress Away


  1. F&W Media-North Light Books: The Zentangle Untangled Workbook
  2. Create shapes, letterforms, borders, even Zendalas as you master each new tangle, all while reducing stress through the intentional act of creating repetitive patterns
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  5. Author: Kass Hall

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