Awesome Hairstyles Featuring Dark Brown Hair with Highlights


Dark Brown Hair With Highlights

Caramel red soft highlights look great for darker shades of brown. The soft contrast keeps this look low maintenance – as they grow out you will get an ombre look!

Black Curls on Fire

black hair with red highlights

Red highlights, sprinkled throughout Leela James’ curly locks, make her luxurious mane look even more impressive. To develop this idea of red highlights for black hair, Leela has also opted to have the ends of her curls dyed into the fiery red.

Subtle Red Highlights from Mid-Shaft to Ends

red highlights for brown hair

Deep auburn locks of Kate Walsh are graced with subtle red highlights, scattered in her tresses chaotically. They look extremely natural and unpretentious, adding some extra charm to Kate’s look.


Cherry Red Highlights for Burgundy Hair

Vanessa hudgens red highlights

The type of appearance with dark hair and dark eyes like Vanessa Hudgens’ can benefit from two-tone coloristic solutions with noble burgundy hues. Since burgundy as a hair color may sometimes add a retro flair to your look, you can add bright cherry red highlights to your burgundy base and reverse this effect. We love Vanessa’s experiment, do you?

Dark Hair with Red Highlights to Accentuate Your Sex Appeal

red highights for african american women

Ideally straight black tresses and chocolate complexion is a “wow” combination, filled with sensuality and natural fascination. When Golden Brooks appends bold red streaks to define her face-framing locks, she easily doubles the power of her inborn sex appeal. Oh, yes, all of us have our little tricks:)

Red Graze for Dark Brown Curls

Salma Hayek brown hair with red highlights

Salma Hayek doesn’t mind to diversify her brunette hairstyles either. The actress also goes for dark hair with red highlights. The reddish brown touches graze Salma’s curls locally, around her face, refreshing her looks thanks to the correct placement of accents.


Warm Chestnut Stripes on the Dark Brown Base

brown hair with red highlights

Probably any girl sometimes has fantasies about being a red vixen. If red is not your hue, and you don’t plan to end up with a hair color that looks vulgar on you, try chestnut tones for highlights instead. Alessandra Ambrosio gives us a lovely example.

Red Ombre Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

Layered brown bob with red highlights

Abigail Spencer’s medium layered haircut for straight hair is upgraded with awesome ombre highlights in delicate tawny tones. We love the color fade gradient that looks exquisite on Abigail’s smooth thick tresses.

Red Highlights That Warm You Up

caramel highlights for brown hair

Many girls with dark eyes and dark brown hair have skin that tans easily and looks fantastic through summer months. If you are of Leighton Meester’s appearance type, you’ll look as gorgeous as her if you warm up your dark chocolate curls with reddish brown highlights. They will literally make your skin shine!


Golden Brown Locks with a Reddish Tint

curly ponytail with bangs

At the world premiere of “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day” Jennifer Garner appeared in front of her fans, presenting her new hair color and the cute girly ponytail with bangs. Jennifer’s golden auburn locks with very subtle highlights bring out the spontaneous and light mood of her look.

Fiery Chic of Dark Brown Curls

curly side downdo with red highlights

Preeya Kalidas could be in the top of the most elegant Hollywood divas. The red highlights on her dark hair look like the tongues of flame, hinting us that there’s some rattling blend behind this exquisite appearance. Keep it up, Preeya!

Sun Radiance of Chocolate Locks

medium curly hairstyle for brown hair

Violante Placido’s chocolate brown locks are flowing in the wind, letting us examine the delicate hues of her lovely rich brown hair color. The chestnut highlights are added to the base to reveal the dimension and texture of Violante’s gorgeous mane. What an elegant coloristic solution for brown hair!


Dark Brown Hair with Caramel and Red Highlights

caramel highlights for black women

When the entire layers of your haircut are toned into sophisticated hues, like these exceptional caramel and light reddish brown shades, you achieve a fabulous result that truly brings out all the beauty potential of your hair. Ohhh, Michelle Williams is so irresistible that we have to struggle with our envy!

Dramatic Two-Tone Hair Color Idea for Black Women

black and blonde hair for african american women

Estelle goes for a bold and bright hair color solution, confronting two fairly contrasting hues in this interpretation – black and red. As we see, this color trick enhances the texture of her thick black hair and sets off her skin tone. Why not to try on a dramatic look? As long as you can pull it off…

Dimensional Red Highlights in Dark Brown Hair

red balayage highlights for brown hair

If you prefer to rock your medium locks textured, i.e. styled in light waves, tousled, curled or scrunched, you’ll be able to bring the quality of your hairstyles to the next level with dimensional red highlights, like Alyson Hannigan’s. These are not just about simple thin streaks, but a special technique where dyes are placed strategically along your face-framing locks and through the edges to achieve the stunning effect, you see in the photo.


Dark Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Blonde Ombre Highlights To Spark Your Looks

brown blonde ombre

Dark brown hair with blonde highlights is an excellent solution if you want to refresh your basic brunette tone. Whether this is going to be a sprinkling of subtle blonde highlights for a sun-kissed effect or a sophisticated sombre variation, like Gillian Jacobs’, the choice is yours.

Blonde Highlights to Dilute the Basic Color

blonde highlights for brown hair

Khloe Kardashian’s blonde highlights very delicately blur her basic brown color towards the layered ends. As a result, Khloe is getting the state-of-the-art coloristic appearance of her long layered haircut.

Dark Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights or Beauty and Style 2 in 1

brown hair with face-framing blonde highlights

Tanned skin, luxurious hair, a snow white smile… What else is needed to complete a sexy look of a Hollywood beauty? Liz Hernandez introduces a delicate but eye-catching accent – thin blonde highlights in her brown blonde locks. She must have won another thousand of fans after her impressive appearance at the Young Hollywood Awards!


Blonde Highlights for Burning Brunettes

ombre for dark brown hair

If you are a burning brunette like Nikki Reed, your black hair with highlights can look very good, really. Dyeing the ends of your locks in platinum blonde shades could be a great idea. Using this ingenious coloristic twist, Nikki accentuates her eyes and her delicate tan.

These Blonde Highlights Are Killing Us!

brown blonde hair color

Those who are bored with monochromatic hair colors and can’t decide between brown and blonde, should see the new look of the loved-by-millions star from “The Whole Nine Yards”, Amanda Peet, with blonde streaks in long brown hair. Although Amanda’s heroine in the movie, hasn’t become a professional killer, the beauty of Amanda in real life is about to knock us dead!

Beach Waves with Caramel Blonde Highlights

Chrissy Teigen beach waves hair with highlights

Chrissy Teigen’s hairstyles are always associated with light medium-to-long waves and medium brown hair color. This time Chrissy opts to highlight her tresses with breezy caramel blonde streaks, sprinkled around her face and throughout the ends of her layered locks. Lovely!


The Most Elegant Solution for Dark Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

sombre for brown hair

English TV presenter Louise Roe keeps up with her American colleagues, following fashion trends of the current season. Louise’s dark brown hair color is aptly diluted with creamy blonde highlights. The transition of color starts somewhere at the mid-shaft and progresses seamlessly towards the ends. Eventually Louise is getting an exquisite sombre effect. We love!

Tender Haze in Jessica Alba’s Locks

Jessica Alba ombre for brown hair

We have seen so many Interesting looks of Jessica Alba, but everything that becomes her the most is concentrated in this look. The subtle highlights, a few tones lighter than Jessica’s natural hair color, bring the ends of her locks maximally close to the darkest blonde tone, but it’s still not the classic blonde, rather the most wanted these days brown blonde, we would love to rock for a while.

Not a Brunette, Not yet a Blonde

Jennifer Lopez light brown hair with blonde highlights

Jennifer Lopez is another fan of light and dark highlights on the medium brown base. This time they are more contrasting with her basic color and quite distinct accordingly. This is how you can accentuate the texture of your hair and boost its volume.


Blonde Highlights to Refresh the Ends

blonde highlights for long brown hair

Many girls jealously guard the beauty and health of their long thick hair, trying to reduce to a minimum its exposure to aggressive factors, including hair dyes. If you are one of them, you may consider Nina Dobrev’s hair color solution. Her highlights start low and affect only the ends of her locks.

Brown Hair with Copper Highlights

Copper Luxury from Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria copper highlights for brown hair

One of “Desperate Housewives”, Eva Longoria, has become a renowned style icon, so we can’t miss a chance to peek at her new hair ideas and solutions. Now Eva resorts to copper highlights for dark brown hair. The copper tone mingles miraculously with the dark chocolate base and tanned skin.

Bold Tangerine Accents for Brown Hair

brown hair with copper highlights

Tangerine highlights work fantastic for dark burgundy brown hair and slightly tanned skin. Cheryl Burke offers us a bright look for brown hair with copper highlights that is going to attract extra attention to your personality, but that’s not a bad thing after all, eh?


Brown Hair with Copper Highlights for a Fabulous Dimensional Effect

brown hair with dimensional red highlights

Katherine Castro’s look from the ALMA Awards makes us go “wow!” The draping of her bustier dress and the dimensional effect from her copper highlights on the dark brown base make a super chic combo!

Copper Ombre Highlights for Straight Black Hair

black to red sombre

Kerry Washington is not only a talented actress, she is one of the most influential people in the world, according to the Time magazine. Well, certainly it’s not all about the looks, but with such appearance as Kerry’s it’s easier to influence the world, making it a better and a more beautiful place to live in.

Copper Hint, Copper Tint

long curly brown hairstyle

The irresistible beauty of Sophie Simmons is literally hot. A light tint of copper has just appeared in her chocolate locks, and we are ready to acknowledge this brown as the most beautiful brunette tone of the season. Hollywood’s bachelors, how can you resist the power of this charm?


Platinum Highlights on Brown Hair

Subtle Bronde Ombre with Platinum Highlights

Sarah Jessica Parker brown hair with blonde highlights

Sarah Jessica Parker’s adorable sombre features very smooth fade of color from the dark solid browns into the soft caramel. To define the face-framing brownish locks, Sarah’s colorist has chosen the platinum hue that looks the brightest of the three and serves as a lovely accent of her look.

Platinum Highlights on Brown Hair – Simplicity and Delicacy

light brown hair with blonde ends

Emily Meade’s light brown tresses are glossy and sleek at the roots, but they are completely changing their texture and color towards the ends. The ultra thin textured streaks at the ends give this look the fabulous feel of ease and lightness, we often try to achieve in our hairstyles.

Color Gradient

brown blonde hair color

When we see Lyndsy Fonseca on the screen, she conquers our hearts with her talent. And when Lyndsy steps on the red carpet, we can’t look away from her stylish outfits and gorgeous locks. This time the actress chooses platinum highlights in rich brown hair, and we admire the chic gradient of color on her thick blunt cut locks.


Light Brown Ombre Highlights with Platinum Tips

dark brown to light brown ombre

If your natural hair color is black, mixing it with platinum blonde highlights would lead to a rather dramatic combination that is not very popular currently. Shay Mitchell offers a more elegant and sophisticated solution: the jet black fade into the light creamy chocolate. Random platinum tips are acceptable in this case.

Whimsical Platinum Strokes

bronding idea

Present-day hair color solutions remind us pictures of professional artists: we are dealing with sophisticated color schemes and strategic placement of hues. Amelia Heinle’s long dark brown tresses are worked on by a creative color artist. We admire!

Dark and White Chocolate

dark brown hair with blond highlights

If you do not shy away from bold solutions, a high degree of contrast in hair hues, like these dark brown highlights, can look very fresh and eye-catching.


Brown Caramel

dark brown hair with caramel highlights

Here is a less contrasting combination of dark brown with delicious caramel brown. Certainly, it works fantastic for long hair with a weave.

Aubergine with Walnut Brown and Platinum Blond

ideas of highlights for dark hair

Sophisticated aubergine hair hue looks interesting even for the basic hair color. Dissolving it with walnut brown and very thin streaks of platinum blond, you will come up with an alluring combo like this.

Fantastic 3-Stepped Ombre

dark brown hair with ombre

Lightening your dark brown tresses is quite a challenge but with dip-dye, you can retain your natural color at the roots and extend it to rich medium brown with golden blond at the ends. What do you gain eventually is a fantastic example of color grading and no troubles with root re-growth.


Mirror-Shine Finish and Soft Toffee Tips

highlights for dark brown hair

Dip dye hair trend, based upon nuance, is able to brighten your original hair color and add a special glamorous flair to your loose hairstyles.

Classic Chocolate Highlights

dark brown hair with chocolate highlights

Although it’s not highly contrasting, a classic combo of dark brown, almost black, with milk chocolate highlights is quiet jazzy and chic.

The Sparkle

dark brown hair with honey highlights

Your deep natural hair hue will sparkle with new life if it’s accentuated with highlights, 1-2 tones lighter than your natural hair color.


Copper Tips and Caramel Highlights

dark brown hair with highlights and ombre

Dark brown hair is a perfect background for various color accents. Light caramel highlights and dip dye in copper hues, for example, can co-exist peacefully and harmoniously in brown long hairstyles.

Fading-Out Ombre

dark brown hair with caramel highlights

Ombre and highlights are awesome when you truly succeed with them. If you are not sure of the result, you can start with a tender subtle version, why not?

Golden Streaks

dark brown hair with golden highlights

Sun-kissed highlights work perfectly for straight dark brown hair. They look like golden threads that have been skillfully woven into your tresses.


Highlights and Lowlights

highlight and lowlight for dark brown hair

The shades of highlights in your hair may flow into one another to complete this spectacular glossy effect, enhanced with tangerine notes.

Soft Blond Tips and Bronze Bangs

dark brown hair highlight ideas

Highlights add a breathtaking relief to any hairstyle. Here is a beautiful example to follow.

Glamorous Two-Tone Curls

dark brown hair with ombre

Rihanna loves epatage and introduces it into the way she looks. The success of these awesome waves is enhanced with a two-tone hair dying technique and a moving undershave. Undoubtedly, she makes an impact with each of her new looks.


Copper Red Layering

dark hair with red highlights

Random streaks or brighter/lighter tips may not be enough for the statement you want to make with your new hairstyle. Whole color layers produce an indelible impression and are perfect for layered haircuts.

Bold Blocks of Color

brown bob with highlights

Enhance the contours of your ravishing haircut with a vibrant color section. Rich cherry hues are especially flattering for dark brown hair.

All celebrities are actively using highlights and ombre to present their breathtaking hairstyles on the red carpet and big events. Follow their best examples, borrowing the ideas you like and creating your own individual style.

A Bit of Red Chaos for Dr. House’s Friend

Olivia Wilde caramel and red highlights

Lucky Thirteen from Dr. House’s team (Olivia Wilde) can easily draw attention, and she doesn’t have to think up any extravagant looks with fancy hairstyles. Olivia’s chocolate locks with reddish caramel highlights work as powerful attraction, and they do look awesome in simple free-flowing hairstyles.


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