Easy Curls with Blow Dryer


There’s always that predicament in your mind….you want to protect your hair from
the damage caused by heat styling tools, however you’re not prepared to sacrifice the
smoothness of your locks and your style. We’ve found you a solution. This still does
involve using a hair dryer, however it is far less intense and damaging than heated curlers
or straighteners, and you can still create a natural, sleek, chic look.

Pat your hair dry (so it’s not dripping, try not to rub your hair together with a towel as
this can break the shaft and cause frizz), comb through to rid any tangles and apply a
smoothening serum or hair cream. Rough dry your hair with a hair dryer, using your fingers
to work through your hair. When your hair is 50% dry, begin to twist sections of your hair
as shown in the photograph, and hair dry each section keeping your hair twisted. Twist
each section in opposite direction to ensure the end result looks natural. It might take a
little while to do this and ensure the hair is dry, however it’s far better than using damaging
heat stylers if you’re wishing to avoid using these high-heat tools. Ensure the hair is
twisted tight and make sure you dry the underneath of the hair as well.

When your whole head is dry, carefully run your fingers through your hair and separate the
curls. You will find your hair to look naturally wavy, soft and shiny. Finish the style with a
quick spray of a flexible hold hair spray, and enjoy your natural curls!!


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