Daily workout exercise

Daily workout exercise

Daily workout exercise-plans exercise-plans abs workout fitness fitness… I may try this!

Daily Workouts...

Daily Workouts


  1. 39 different 5 to 10 minute targeted workouts (choose to focus on abs, arms, butt, legs or cardio)
  2. 10 to 30 minute randomized full body workouts
  3. Pilates, stretch, ball, kettlebell workouts and more
  4. Unlike most competitors, no in-app purchases or subscriptions!
  5. Great for both men and women
  6. Video showing how to do each exercise
  7. 390+ exercises
  8. Multiple custom routines
  9. Random routines

Daily Burn - Streaming Workouts...

Daily Burn  Streaming Workouts


  1. A new Daily Burn 365 workout every day at 9:00 am ET. Can't tune in? Watch it on-demand for 24 hours.
  2. Full-length, HD-quality workout videos with on-screen guidance
  3. A variety of workouts from 15 minutes to over an hour
  4. Expert trainers and proven fitness plans to help you reach your specific goals
  5. Workouts for all fitness levels, whether you’re new to fitness or advanced

Yoga poses...

Yoga poses


  1. 289 poses and breathing exercises
  2. 37 predefined programs
  3. HD Video demonstrations for all poses
  4. muscle images for every pose




  1. First Step - Splash Screen will appear for few seconds.
  2. Second step - Welcome page will come with five options such as Exercise & WorkOut, Interesting & Useful facts, Guide & Support, Terms & Conditions, Share, Rate and Exit Application.
  3. Third Step - On clicking of [Exercise & Workout] option, several sub categories will display related to [WorkOuts] topic, which will provide the user some awesome, interesting and useful tips, which will guide to understand about the benefits of doing various exercises to keep yourself fit and fine forever.
  4. Fourth Step - On clicking of Interesting & Useful Facts, user will find the some of the unknown facts which will be helpful to do the daily workout in positive ways.
  5. Fifth Step - Guide & Support option will brief about the functionality of this application.
  6. Sixth Step - Terms & conditions will provide privacy policy details and the support information of this company.
  7. Seventh step - Share option will help the user to share this application with friends, families, relatives, colleagues and etc..
  8. Eighth Step - Rate option will help the user to rate this application with their valuable comments or feedback.
  9. Ninth Step - Exit Application option will help the user to close the application.

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