Free Poncho Sewing Patterns

Sewing Quick Tips:

Tip #1: Periodically clean the lint and dust from your sewing machine’s accessory tray. Lint that’s in the tray
can accumulate on your bobbins, pressure feet, etc. and end up inside your sewing machine.

Tip #2: To keep the hem on a knit garment from curling to the outside, apply a strip of fusible lightweight
knit interfacing to the bottom edge of the garment before sewing the hem.

Tip #3: Pins can sometimes leave behind noticeable holes in your fabric, especially if the fabric is very fine
or dense. If you find yourself with noticeable pin holes, try the following to remove them: Try pressing the
fabric with your fingers. If this doesn’t work, try placing the fabric on a flat surface and gently scratching out
the holes with your fingernail. If this doesn’t work, try dampening each pinhole with a tiny bit of water (test
first on a scrap of your fabric to make sure the water won’t damage it), cover you fabric with a press cloth,
then press.