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Sewing Quick Tips:

Tip #1: If you experience stitch problems when sewing thin or sheer fabrics, try using a straight stitch pressure
foot. Its needle hole is narrower than the hole on a standard zigzag foot and will keep your fabric down against
your needle plate as you sew.

Tip #2: If your sewing machine needle pushes your knit fabric down into your needle plate hole as you sew, try
placing paper underneath your fabric. Stitch through both the fabric and the paper, then tear the paper away
from the stitching when finished.

Tip #3: Remember to reinforce any seams that will be subject to stress, such as underarm seams and crotch
seams. And it’s also a good idea to reinforce corners (such as a collar point), because when you turn a corner
right side out, the seam at the corner is subject to stress as you poke it out. Reinforce these stress areas by
either by stitching over the first row of stitching, adding another row of stitching, or by changing to a very fine