Gender Reveal Fizzies


1. Gender Reveal Fizzies

Gender Reveal Fizzies – would be fun in champagne glasses

2. Filled cupcakes or cookies

This requires slightly more Betty Crocker-skill in the kitchen, but is not beyond something a novice can still achieve with the right recipe and guidance, like this step-by-step guide by 2 Sisters 2 Cities. Of course, as with the gender reveal cake, you can always turn it over to a professional!

3. Baby dust water

We love this idea by Practical Parenting! Hand out bottles of water and inconspicuous packs of powder (Crystal Light or Kool-Aid for example) that guests can add to their water to reveal the gender. This would also work well if you’re serving alcohol at your party for your lucky non-preggo guests—instead of water bottles, hand out vodka tonics!


4. Fizzing fun

Ever take a bath with those fizzing bath salts that start as a big ball and slowly fizz away in the tub? You can purchase those types of products and it’ll release the color of your choice for a fizzy fun reveal. The SosiaToGo shop on Etsy has some great options for $20!

5. Balloon release

This is a great one, but it will require a bit more space than the others. Fill up a box with balloons and open the box to release the balloons and reveal the baby’s gender. If you don’t feel like finding and decorating a big box, simply get one pink and one blue balloon and when you’re ready release one (or pop one), keeping hold of the one that’s the right color for baby’s gender.

6. Confetti balloon pop or piñata

Fill a balloon with confetti and pop it for an exciting explosion of gender-revealing fun. Similarly, you could get a piñata and fill it with the correct color for people to smash and reveal. Or for an even more simple reveal, hold the confetti in your hands and throw it up in the air.


7. Scratch off cards

You can buy scratch off cards (we love the Etsy shop Enchanted by Design) or make your own with special paint or scratch off stickers. This would make a fun pregnancy announcement to do by mail. If you’re handing them out at a party, have your guests scratch away on the count of three.

8. Hand prints

This one is probably better suited for photos rather than a live reveal at a party. It’s very messy, but especially fun if you already have a child who you want to involve in the reveal. Paint their hands and have them place them on your bare belly or a white shirt you’re wearing. You can have them use two hands to make the shape of a heart. When they remove their hands, your baby’s gender will be revealed, and if you were wearing a shirt—it’s now a wonderful keepsake!

9. Cake cutting

The good ol’ cake cutting is one of the most traditional of the gender reveals. The color inside the cake is hidden until you cut out a piece, revealing your baby’s sex. The added bonus is everyone gets to eat yummy cake afterward! Having multiples? Just add more layers to the cake! Want to surprise even yourself? Head to a local bakery with your sealed envelope and have them whip one up for you.


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