Glue fabric to Wall-Mart roller blind!

This was such an easy project!  The shades were cut to size at my local hardware store and I literally glued the fabric to the shades.  You can find similar roller shades here that peel to width.

First I spread the fabric out face down and rolled the shade just beyond the desired length.  Then I trimmed the fabric about 1/2? wider and 1? longer than the shade. **Note the shade is actually longer than I needed so I only covered the length that would show if the shade was closed on the window.

When the time came to glue the fabric to the shade, I could not locate the fabric glue so I used a glue gun loaded with fabric glue sticks instead.

I worked my way around the sides until the fabric was attached on all sides.

My shades have to be rolled up manually and no longer have the pull release feature that sometimes works – sometimes doesn’t with roller shades.  This is OK with me though because they will never be pulled down.
When I tried to roll the blinds up and down previously, I had not correctly installed the brackets.  They do officially work.  Sorry for the confusion.

Did you notice any others changes?  To keep this post from being too long, I will share them tomorrow.

Glue fabric to Wal-Mart roller blind! Smart! OH my word…how did I not think of this!