Ideas for compiling your teacher portfolio

I have found a couple great resources in some bloggers

Misty has a FANTASTIC post here which is how I want to modify mine  (but I’ll show you my process now because it might be useful to someone hopefully).   Amy also has a GREAT post about her professional portfolio here!  Seriously go check these ladies out…..can’t get enough resources!

After gathering everything I wanted in my portfolio, I wanted to organize it by sections that made sense and really showed me as a teacher.  I feel like its a work in process but this can be a great start!

This is the beginning page kind of like the table of contents which lists everything in each divider.  They are the color the divider for easier access.

Section 1: Professional Resources

  • resume
  • educational philosophy
  • publications
  • presentation (with pictures)
  • copies of certfications

Section 2: Before School Resources

  • Bulletin boards I’ve created
  • Classroom layout plans
  • welcome letter (ties in parent commuincation)

Sorry it is sideways but that’s my welcome letter!

Section 3: First Day

  • My first day script (it was a class assignment buy boy will I be glad to have this!)
  • My whole first day plan with activities for the entire day in 30 min increments

Section 4: How my Classroom Runs (I feel like this part is huge- and can really make a difference in the classroom)

  • My management plan
  • Procedures
  • Rules, Rewards, and Consequences 

Section 5: Showcase of my work

  • lesson plans (I tried to have something for each subject)
    • guided reading
    • math
    • science
    • social studies
  • unit plans
  • pictures of lessons or classroom

Source: HERE