42 Easy Things To Do With Mason Jars


1. Mason Jar + Vase Gems = Amazing DIY Candle Jar… So pretty in the dark!

Things you need: Mason Jar, Marbles (the flat stone kind), Hot Glue Gun. First make sure you clean your jar. Nobody wants a gross looking jar! Next start from the bottom of the jar and glue a line of marbles. You may not be able to squeeze a perfect line in every time but do not sweat it. As long as the jar looks filled, no one will notice one marble not in line with the bottom row. After you finish gluing all the way to right before the rim of the jar, go through and make sure you have no hot glue strings and you are done! Now you have a beautiful new jar to gift or display in the home.

2. Make an Oil Lamp

raisedincotton.typepad.com Fill two-thirds of the jar with lamp oil and secure the lid. Place a cotton wick in the jar and let it sit for about one hour before lighting so the oil soaks up into the wick. Nail a hole into the lid and pull the wick about a quarter inch out of the hole.

3. Match Holder

stylelushblog.com Take the top out of the lid and replace with sandpaper.

4. Fill with String Lights

See it here on
treasure again’s Etsy shop.

maryjanesandgaloshes.com Another awesome string lights idea. Click
here for the tutorial.

5. Sewing Kit

momtastic.com Click
here for the full directions.

6. Wall-Hung Bathroom Storage

lizmarieblog.com Metal picture hangers and pipe clamps attached to a piece of wood will hold your mason jars. Click
here for more info.

7. Wall Planters


8. Children’s Craft Storage

housetohome.co.uk Glue plastic animals to the lids and paint.

9. Yarn Dispensers

mysisterscottage.blogspot.com Drill a hole into the top of a mason jar for cute, colorful yarn storage.

10. Ribbon Dispensers


11. Pizza in a Jar

1finecookie.com Is this not the most amazing idea? You can add the ingredients/toppings to the jar and save it to bake whenever. You can bake the jars as long as you submerge them in a deep baking dish that is filled with water. For full instructions, click

12. Magnetic Spice Rack Using Mini Mason Jars

justcallmemissdiy.wordpress.com This is an awesome idea if you’ve got stainless steel going on in your kitchen. Fill jars with spices, label them, and glue magnets to the lids.

13. Button Storage

mysisterscottage.blogspot.com Nail lids into the bottom of a wooden shelf. Fill the jars up and screw the jar back onto the lid when you’re done. This would also be great for storing pasta in a kitchen.

14. Painted Vases

littlemissmomma.com Fill with acrylic paint, and then let the paint drain out. Click
here for the detailed tutorial. You can also spray paint the insides for candy-colored vases. Click
here for the full tutorial.

15. Hanging Tea Light Holder

wordpress.com Wrap the rim with twine and hang.

16. Candle Holders

budgetwisehome.com Fill a jar with pebbles or sand to keep the candle in place.
emmalinebride.com Or float tea lights in water.

17. Cupcake in a Jar

mycakies.blogspot.com Attach a spoon with ribbon for the perfect gift. Click
here for instructions.

18. Make a Terrarium

buzzfeed.com Click
here for more directions and details on how to make a terrarium.

19. Store Salads for a Picnic or Quick Lunch

mychiclife.com Click
here for this quinoa salad recipe.

20. Label with a Hot Glue Gun

beyondbeyond.co.uk Inscibe your label with a hot glue gun, let it dry, and then proceed to paint the outside of the mason jar.

indulgy.com / Via
theletteredcottage.net You could also use scrapbooking letters.

21. Use Them as Picture Frames


22. “Fireflies in a Jar” Night Lantern


23. Make a Soap Dispenser

theblissfullycontentlife.blogspot.com Use a pump from any soap dispenser and drill a hole into the lid. Click
here for further directions.

24. Replace a Busted Blender Jar

realsimple.com Many detachable blade assemblies screw right onto a mayo jar or a small-mouth Mason jar.

25. S’mores in a Jar

here for full instructions.

26. Create a Chandelier

casasugar.com Click
here for the full tutorial.

27. Easy Place Settings


28. Single-Serving Pie in a Jar

ourbestbites.com Go
here for a full-fledged tutorial.

29. Sippy Cup

rebekahgough.blogspot.com Click
here for more instructions.

30. Update a Wall Sconce

apartmenttherapy.com Even if your mason jar doesn’t fit exactly, many light fixtures use screws to tighten the fit of the shade.

31. Add a Salt Spout for Easy Pouring Capabilities

dollarstorecrafts.com You just need to take the top off of a Morton salt container.
Here’s the full tutorial.

32. Add a Cuppow to Turn Your Jar into a Travel Mug

cuppow.com These are available for $7.99

33. Glue Jars Together to Create an Office Supply Organizer

homemadesimple.com Turn the jars onto their sides and hot-glue them together.

34. Decorate with a Rope Container


35. Pre-Make Cocktails for a Party


36. Use a Stencil and Chalkboard Paint to Customize Mason Jars

emmalinebride.com Or simply paint the lids with chalkboard paint for easy labeling or organization.

37. Make a Table Lamp

jonathanandannasblog.blogspot.com You’ll also need a light kit, which you can buy from any hardware store. Click
here for more information.

38. Serve Oysters on Ice in Mini Mason Jars

indulgy.com OMG, the baby Tabasco bottle…

39. Create a Snow Globe


40. Make an Air Freshener

indulgy.com Poke holes in the lid and fill with baking soda and essential oils.

41. Make Overnight, No-Cook Refrigerator Oatmeal

theyummylife.com Mix together old-fashioned rolled oats, greek yogurt, milk, chia seeds, and any kind of sweetener or fruit that you want. Shake it up and keep it in the fridge — it’ll stay good for up to two days.

42. Make an Ice Cream Kit

thekitchn.com “Sugar, vanilla powder, and creamer packets are sealed inside a plastic bag and packed into the canning jar along with some rock salt. When the ice cream mood strikes, you combine the ice cream ingredients in their bag, add some ice to the rock salt, and shake vigorously.”


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