Multiplication strategies

Multiplication strategies

Math anchor chart – multiplication strategies.Ā 


Channieā€™s One Page A Day Workbook, Double Digit ...

Channieā€™s One Page A Day Workbook, Double Digit Multiplication Math Practice Worksheets, 50 Pages, Grades 3rd, 4th, and 5th, Size 8.5ā€ x 11ā€


  1. Patent Pending; Easy Tear-Off One Page Per Day; 50 pages. Made for Grades 3 - 5; Visual Tool Allows Elementary School Children to Practice Multiplication Exercises Daily with High Accuracy
  2. 25 Single-Digit Aligned Multiplication Problems Per Page (correct answer earns 4 points); Boxes are Large and Numbers are Lined Up So Children Can Easily Focus on Repetition and Calculation
  3. Vertical Lines, Color-Coded Blocks, and Divider Lines Guide Ones vs. Tens Place to Avoid Confusion, Improve Accuracy, and Reduce Stress
  4. Practice Activity Paper Pad Includes Multiplication Chart; Loved by Teachers, Parents, and Homeschoolers; Innovative Method for Girls and Boys
  5. Great Educational Complement to Primary School Math Books; Encourages Academic Discipline, Independent Student Work, and Love for Multiplication; 25 Pages Printed Front and Back, 50 Working Sheets