Simple "How To" Fire pit.

36″X 12″ galvanized fire pit ring $38 at Rural King.

River rock -free from local creek bed

Mortar -$14.58 for 3 bags (we bought 4 but only used 3)

Clearing the grass from the spot

Leveling the ring

We poured a concrete doughnut around the ring for the rock to sit on. We happened to have a couple bags of quick-crete left from a previous job. We let this set up over night.

First course down. Let this set overnight as well.

Second course done.

Completed with 11 pavers on the top – $1.98/ea.

Better view of top.

All done.

First use. It appears to work. Total cost $82.94. Total labor 4-5 hours for 2 people, not counting curing time.